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New York Bill Would Allow Teens to Get HPV Vaccine Without Parental Consent

The bad news is that neck and throat cancers are rising, and this common sexually transmitted infection seems to be the cause. The good news: The vaccines that are available to prevent infection seem to protect against these kind of cancers as well.

A new bill in the New York State Assembly would allow minors to consent to receiving the HPV vaccine without parental consent. Unsurprisingly, it has been met with some opposition.

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Women and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The Role of Public Health


It takes the work of many to ensure everyone has access to health care.

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The Important Role STD Clinics Play in Preventing STDs


As STD clinics, I believe we should take President Obama’s words to heart when we consider our leadership role in STD prevention: “We are the change we have been waiting for.”

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The Centers for Disease Control’s New Priorities for STD Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control recently established four priorities for STD prevention: Protecting the future health of adolescents and young people; protecting men who have sex with men; raising awareness about multi-drug resistant gonorrhea; and eliminating congenital syphilis.

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California Allows Young People to Access the HPV Vaccine Without Parental Consent

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On Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law which allows minors to access STD-prevention services, including the now highly political HPV vaccine, without parental consent.

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