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Anti-Choice Harassers Re-double Attacks On Jackson Women’s Health Organization As Hospitals Refuse Admitting Privileges

Flip Benham & crew outside the Jackson WHO. Photo:  Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo.

More posters, more harassment at the only public abortion clinic in Mississippi as Jackson Women’s Health Organization runs out of options.

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Jackson Hole United Organizes Against Operation Save America, And Wins

Jackson Hole United catchphrase/logo. [img src]

“Human Detour” efforts from the group Jackson Hole United have kept the chaos — and the interactions with protesters — to a minimum in an effort to promote “civility, compassion, and love.”

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Pushback In Jackson Hole Forces “Missionaries” To Cancel Day Two of Protests

Missionaries to the Preborn with their "truthtruck" at the Obama Inaugural in DC, 2009. [src]

Looks like the Wisconsin anti-choice protest group doesn’t deal well with opposition.

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The Next Phase Of States Of Refuge: God Punishing Wyoming With “Evils” Because of Abortion

Flip Benham at the 9/11 protest in 2010. [img src]

Look out, Wyoming, it’s your turn to host the States of Refuge team! 

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Anti-Choice Zealots Convene In Fargo, Hoping To Close State’s Only Clinic

[img src]

Their signs scared school children and made the news, but who are the people behind this week’s assault on North Dakota’s only clinic, and how did Red River Women’s Clinic keep clients safe?

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