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The So-Called Personhood and Fetal Pain Bans, and the Race to the Supreme Court Steps

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Personhood measures are billed as the most direct threat to Roe v. Wade, but it is the 20 week bans we need to pay the most attention to.

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U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Personhood Oklahoma Appeal

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The high court turned back the anti-abortion group’s plea to put the issue of personhood on the Oklahoma ballot without comment.

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Supreme Court To Review Arizona Law That Voters Prove Citizenship After the Election

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On Monday the Supreme Court agreed to review whether Arizona’s requirement that voters provide proof of citizenship prior to registering conflicts with federal law.

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The O’Brien Decision: A Gift to the Obama Administration From a Bush Appointee

Late last month, Honorable Carole Jackson in the Eastern District of Missouri issued a forceful rebuke of the arguments being made by the various religious organizations that are filing lawsuits against the Department of Health and Human Services alleging that the birth control benefit infringes upon their religious liberty.

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Using “Religious Liberty” to Hide Religious Overreach

We have been hearing plenty about “religious liberty” lately. Now let’s see who’s using the term “religious liberty” in a novel way, trying to conceal a campaign of religious overreach.

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Alaska Parental Notification Law Upheld by Superior Court

Judge John Suddock. Photo: MSNBC.

The 2010 parental-notification law has been ruled constitutional, but it still may come up before the state Supreme Court.

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UPDATE: A Closer Look at the Contraceptive Coverage Lawsuits: The Radical Agenda Behind the Fight Over Religious Exemptions

Thirty lawsuits have been filed by corporations challenging the HHS regulation requiring that most health plans cover contraceptives. A survey of these cases yields some useful information as to what the “religious freedom” debate is all about.

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Affirmative Action, Marriage Equality, and Voting Rights: A Look at the New Supreme Court Term

United States Supreme Court

Last year’s Supreme Court term may have been historic, but in many ways it was just a warm-up.

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Battle Over Planned Parenthood Funding in Indiana May Be First Test of Coercion Theory from ACA Decision

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The federal government squares off with Indiana over Planned Parenthood funding as conservatives feel emboldened thanks to the health care reform ruling.

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Is “Moral Development” Behind The Unanimity Of Today’s Female Supreme Court Justices?

Given the nature of court appointments, gender alone is probably not the root of the unanimity. It could be partisanship speaking loud and clear.

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