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In Wisconsin, GOP Lawmakers Weigh How Much to Emphasize Abortion

Will election concerns have the Wisconsin governor becoming more cautious about abortion restrictions?

While the current political environment in Wisconsin favors GOP lawmakers devoted to the anti-choice agenda, politicians hoping to appeal to a wider audience may need to reconsider how to gain the support of voters both inside and outside their base, while balancing the need for support from the major anti-choice action groups.

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State Funding Cuts and Anti-Choice Policies Cited for Closure of Four Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinics

Planned Parenthood rally in Wisconsin, March 2012.

As a result of anti-choice policies and budget cuts, four clinics providing health care to low income and rural Wisconsin patients will close.

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They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: End Planned Parenthood and Start the Conversions!

The Cleaver Family, from popular late 1950s-early 1960s TV show "Leave It To Beaver." (The Tangential)

Why should birth control be impossible to access? Because God.

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Wisconsin Anti-Choicers Want to Arrest Anyone Who Implements Obamacare, Including Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Photo: Prunejuice Media.

The Tea Party is ready to make some citizen arrests.

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Attacks on Sex Education Continue Nationwide

The 2011–12 school year brought the typical array of controversies over sexuality education in public and private schools, along with exciting news of new sexuality-education standards.

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Wisconsin Recall Election to Be about Reproductive Health… Again

[img src]

When Scott Walker ran for governor, his supporters made the race about reproductive rights.  Now it looks like they are ready to do it again. 

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How The Wisconsin Recall Might Effect Reproductive Health

Anti-choice advocates are anxiously supporting Governor Scott Walker, saying birth control and abortion may lie in the balance.

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Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, “Sugar Daddy” and Women Voters in the Walker Recall

In what is the first major election battle in the 2012 cycle, Governor Scott Walker is pitting woman against woman in his pending recall election.  Walker’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch played the “sugar daddy” card in an off the wall statement.  
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Wisconsin’s “Mad As Hell” Rally A Call to Women Voters on Reproductive Rights

Tanya Atkinson, Executive Director of Wisconsin Planned Parenthood kicked off a rally of pro-choice, pro-women supporters on the steps of the state capital in Madison today with this simple and important call, “If you’re mad as hell, say hell yeah!”  The crowd of over 400 responded with an overwhelming, “Hell Yeah!”

They gathered on the west steps to protest the Republican held legislature on the last day of this 2012 session.  

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New Link on State Website for Pregnancy Center May Be Violating Separation of Church and State

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s love of anti-choice policies maybe be constituting a state endorsement of religion.

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