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Warren Pulls Ahead in Massachusetts Polls

Elizabeth Warren. Photo: Don Treeger/The Republican/Landov via NPR.

Warren has gone from trailing to leading in two different senate polls.

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Brown and Warren Tied In Massachusetts

Photo: AP & Republican file photos.

With less than two months until election day, the race is a nail biter.

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A Pro-Choice GOP Voice at the Convention?

Randy Moody. Eric Gregory/Lincoln Journal Star Photo.

While most of the attendees embrace a no exceptions abortion plank, some Republicans find themselves left out in the cold.

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Massachusetts Anti-Choice Group Considers Brown a “Prolife” Senator

Sen. Scott Brown. AP.

Brown’s voting record is good enough to win him more support from the state’s most active anti-choice group.

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Sen. Scott Brown Begs Republican Party to Please Stop Endangering His Seat

Scott Brown. Gretchen Ertl/AP.

The Massachusetts Republican is doing everything he can not to get tangled up in the backlash over GOP abortion policies.

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Snowe Chides Republicans on Politicization of Contraception, But Still Supports Scott Brown’s Re-Election

Olympia Snowe. [img src]

The Maine Republican takes a jab at her party’s war on women.

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Roundup: Does Scott Brown Really Support Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood: Former Massachusetts governor supports it, what is Senator Scott Brown true stance on defunding it, and Rep. Alan West is offended that it’s in so many black communities. Also – radiation risks to pregnant women in Japan, and fertility treatments for HIV-positive men who want children.

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Murkowski, Brown, Collins Against Eliminating Title X

The three Republican senators are signalling that they will not vote to eliminate Title X funding.

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Scott Brown, Sexual Abuse and Women’s Rights: How Will His Experiences Inform His Votes?

Details are still emerging regarding Scott Brown’s history of sexual and emotional abuse. But it’s worth asking: will he now lead a fight against GOP/Tea Party efforts to eliminate programs to assist victims and GOP efforts to “redefine rape?”

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Roundup: What Will Brown Do For You?

Anti-abortion groups are cheering Brown’s victory, but will there be any buyer’s remorse? And Sen. Hutchison tries to talk abortion.

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