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Scarlett Johansson Stumps for Obama in Minnesota Today

Johansson says Obama will bring a "great woman" to the White House – Michelle Obama.

At a Barack Obama rally in Northfield, Minnesota, actress Scarlett Johansson said, "I don't want to say nasty things about Hillary Clinton. I think she has a lot of good intentions." But the Lost in Translation star said she thought Obama would bring a different capable woman into the presidency.

"When we elect Barack Obama to the White House, we will have an amazing woman in the White House: Michelle Obama," said Johansson, drawing applause at the Carleton College rally.

Johansson said she'd been "star-struck" the first time she'd met Sen. Obama, and the first words she'd said to him were, "Hi, senator, I love your wife, it's so nice to meet you."

She said the next time they met, Obama told her, "I told my wife you love her." She groaned, and jokingly said, "Oh, good, you remember that dorky thing I said."

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