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Fetal Anomalies and Medication Abortion Next Targets of Indiana’s Anti-Choice Legislature

Betty Cockrum in front of the Indiana state capitol. (The Daily Caller)

In Indiana, abortion restrictions are coming by the dozen.

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Arkansas Proposed Abortion Restrictions Look Much Like Expected

Rose Mimms, spokeswoman for Arkansas Right to Life. (The Daily Hatch)

Arkansas Right to Life says to expect a telemed ban, 20 week ban and insurance exchange ban are all on the docket this year.

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Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Sues for Legislative Clarity on Act 217, Calls for End to Practicing Medicine By Legislature

Photo: The L Magazine.

The reproductive health organization is ready to fight for women to have access to all termination choices once again.

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Sixth Circuit Refuses to Reconsider Ohio’s Ban on RU-486

photo courtesy of opensourceway via Flickr

Reproductive rights advocates lost a legal battle on Friday over Ohio’s restrictions on the use of RU-486.

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The Anti-Choice Agenda in Indiana? Full Speed Ahead

Although Mourdock didn’t win a senate seat, that’s small consolation for the women in the state who still need access to abortion and family planning services.

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Iowa Telemed Study Reveals Increased Access to Safe Early Abortion Care

Telemed abortion. Photo: LifeSiteNews.

Having more access to abortion doesn’t cause more women to get abortions, it simply makes them easier to obtain.

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Ohio Women’s Health Groups File For Review of Sixth Circuit Mifepristone Ban

photo courtesy of joewcampbell via Flicr

A group of women’s health advocates are asking the entire Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to weigh in on an Ohio law that bans the off-label use of mifepristone.

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The Potential of Tele-Medicine to Increase Access to Mifepristone for Early Abortion Care

Telemedicine administration of medical abortion is a relatively new practice in the United States with great potential to reach underserved women with abortion care.

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Indiana Right to Life Seeks to Eliminate Access to Safe, Early Medication Abortion

Photo: Think Progress.

The group is claiming that a Lafayette clinic is violating law by providing medication abortions without licensing their clinic as a surgical abortion center.

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It Is Now Impossible To Get A Medication Abortion In Wisconsin

Act 217 has caused the state’s only other medication abortion provider to also stop offering RU-486 abortions.

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