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After “Pro-Choice:” What’s Next for Our Messaging?


A reproductive justice framework is critical—but it’s not the same thing as “pro-choice.”

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Philadelphia Becomes Third City to Pass Resolution Supporting Reproductive Health Care

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

As of last week, the Philadelphia Board of Health has avowed it will firmly stand behind the right to comprehensive reproductive health and abortion care.

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From the Ground Up: Restoring Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care


What if elected officials strongly and unequivocally spoke out in support of insurance coverage for abortion?

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Forty Years After Roe, “Choice” No Longer Means Much in Michigan

Protesters outside the Michigan Capitol in June. (Rick Pluta/Michigan Public Radio Network)

The meaning of “choice” here in Michigan—as in many other states in the country—has eroded a great deal since that day 40 years ago when the Roe decision was handed down. How did we end up here? And more importantly, how do we move forward?

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Michigan Lawmakers Continue Onslaught of Anti-Choice Legislation in the New Session

Rep. Mike Shirkey. (wrongformichigan.org)

Clearly not content with the recent passage of one of the most extreme pieces of anti-abortion legislation in the country, Michigan lawmakers are already hard at work pushing for still more barriers to abortion access.

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Resolution 1635-A: The Full Text of the New York City Bill Commemorating Roe at 40

(NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

The following full text of the New York City Council Committee on Women’s Issues’ Resolution 1635-A.

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Resolution 1635-A: A Progressive Action That Meets the Real Needs of American Women and Families

Andrea's original testimony document. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

This resolution epitomizes the kind of bold, forward-thinking action that cities and municipalities across the country can and do take to meet the real needs of women and families.

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Resolution 1635-A: A National Model for Championing Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care?

Joan Malin rallies in NYC for Planned Parenthood, 08/2011. (Sam Lewis/Metrofocus)

Women do not want politicians to meddle in their personal medical decisions. We applaud and stand behind the Resolution 1635-A, calling upon the United States Congress to continue to fund comprehensive reproductive health care for all Americans.

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Resolution 1635-A: Why We Need Safe and Legal Abortion Without Government Interference

(Rasansky Law Firm)

I urge the New York City Council to adopt Proposed Resolution No. 1635-A, which also urges the United States Congress to support funding for comprehensive reproductive health care so that all women can lead full healthy lives and participate equally in society, regardless of their socio-economic level. 

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In New York City, Medicaid Coverage of Abortion Doesn’t Cut It

Alison Turkos (center) at the Resolution 1635-A hearing on January 18th. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

We are privileged to live in a state where we have Medicaid coverage of abortion, but we know that is not enough.

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