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Texas Consolidates its Most Horrifying Anti-Choice Bills Into One Nightmare Piece of Legislation

State Republicans are hell-bent on opening satellite offices in every Texan uterus at the first opportunity.

After a legislative session hailed for its supposed “compromise” on abortion, Texas Republicans have taken the first opportunity to force through an omnibus anti-choice bill that contains the worst of this year’s proposed abortion restrictions.

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“Nothing Changes” for Fifty Thousand Texans Forced to Find New Health Care Providers, Says State Attorney

Photo: The Austin Chronicle.

As any woman knows, finding the right gynecologist is no small feat–but finding the “right” gynecologist is taking on a new meaning in Texas, where reproductive health providers must now show that their politics don’t clash with those of conservative lawmakers if they want to continue to see patients in the Texas Women’s Health Program.

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Rick Perry: Legislature Will Work Out Punishment for Women Seeking Later Abortions Under Proposed Ban

Photo: rt.com.

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s office says it will rely on lawmakers to determine the appropriate punishment for women who seek abortions after 20 weeks if the state succeeds in banning such procedures. Who might these criminals be? Mothers. College students. High schoolers. Domestic violence victims.

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Texas’ Conservative Legislative Leader Says Even He Doesn’t Share Perry’s Anti-Choice Priorities

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. Photo: Texas Tribune.

Governor Rick Perry pandered to the religious right in favor of a 20-week abortion ban at a crisis pregnancy center this week, touting the horrors of medically unproven “fetal pain” issues, but even right-wing Texas legislative leadership says that anti-choice legislation isn’t the priority for the 2013 lawmaking session.

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Texas Will Continue Funding to Planned Parenthood, For Now

Gov. Rick Perry via @TexGov on Twitter

The new, state-funded Texas Women’s Health Program (WHP) will not launch tomorrow, despite state officials’ earlier claims that the program would be ready to see clients without the inclusion of Planned Parenthood.

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Appeals Court Refusal Will Leave 50,000 Women in Texas Without Care

A federal appeals court, on which sits a judge that Rush Limbaugh counts on his “team,” has refused to re-hear arguments against Texas’ barring of Planned Parenthood from participation in its Women’s Health Program.

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5th Circuit Court of Appeals Refuses To Reconsider Planned Parenthood Funding Ban

photo courtesy of WeNews via Flickr

Texas can move forward with excluding Planned Parenthood clinics from its health program for low income women while a lawsuit challenging the law moves forward.

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Texas Health Care Battle Demonstrates Anti-Choice Radicalism

Anti-choicers attacking Medicaid funding for women’s health care claim that it’s about abortion, but their interest in redirecting patients to centers that don’t provide even basic health care show it’s about so much more, a war in which women are just collateral damage.

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Rick Perry: Ideological Crisis Pregnancy Center Is the Future of the Texas Women’s Health Program

Rick Perry helped cut the ribbon to open a Houston CPC this week. Emily Deprang

On Tuesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry stopped by to lend a little good-old-boy masculinity to the opening of a branch of Houston’s The Source For Women, a crisis pregnancy center that Perry touted as the future of Texas’ new Women’s Health Program–a program explicitly designed and intended to serve women who are not, and don’t want to be, pregnant.

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Is Rick Perry’s Rejection of the Affordable Care Act Political Posturing or a Portent of What’s to Come?

On Monday, Texas Governor Rick Perry rejected two major tenets of the Affordable Care act, saying the state would not participate in the individual state exchanges nor in the Medicaid expansion. What does this mean for a state with the highest rate of uninsured citizens — a state that already rejected federal funds for the Medicaid Women’s Health Program? Experts say the result will be escalating private insurance costs and declining public health.

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