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Abortion a Low Priority on Day One of Religious Right Gathering

Ralph Reed addresses his Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference, June 13, 2013.

The day after Rep. Trent Franks pulled a Todd Akin, senators speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference breathed barely a word about abortion—and not a peep about contraception.

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Majority of Voters in Indiana Want Abortion to Remain Legal

Photo: A is for.

The state may have elected an anti-choice majority, but that doesn’t mean they want their politicians to outlaw abortion.

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“Abortion Doesn’t Unrape You:” Following Election Disaster, Anti-Choice Activists Look to Re-frame Discussion of Rape

Todd Akin (right). Photo: Twirlit.

Faced with polls saying that eight in 10 Americans think abortion should be legal when a pregnancy results from rape, anti-choice activists are actually pushing for more public discussion of the issue. It’s part of a long-term campaign to try to change Americans’ minds and to bring the country closer to banning abortion in nearly all cases.

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The Anti-Choice Agenda in Indiana? Full Speed Ahead

Although Mourdock didn’t win a senate seat, that’s small consolation for the women in the state who still need access to abortion and family planning services.

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Concerned Women for America’s Lesson From Election? More Media Savvy Candidates

Rep. Todd Akin. Photo: The New Yorker.

Anti-choice groups don’t think their candidates are too extreme, they just need to be better trained.

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GOP Infighting: “Don’t Nominate Dogs”

Michael Barone at Hillsdale College's center in Washington. Photo: Times 24/7 - The Washington Times.

The party continues to struggle for its own identity.

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This Election Year, Where Are the Real Conversations About Violence Against Women?

Rape, and other forms of violence and abuse such as birth control sabotage or pregnancy coercion, are acts that seek to strip power from women and inhibit their decisionmaking. This election-year, where are the real conversations about violence against women, not just idiotic statements about rape?  

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Candidates Who Oppose Rape Exceptions Being Supported By Victims, Those Conceived In Rape In New Ads

Richard Mourdock. Photo: Womenarewatching.org.

In the last day of campaigning, both Akin and Mourdock and looking to spin comments about rape victims into positives.

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Mourdock Continues to Receive Support From His Base, Attacks From His Foes

Texas Senator and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn. Photo: Houston Chronicle.

With just days to go until the election, neither side is willing to let the other take advantage over the comments made by an Indiana senate candidate.

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Raped by My Stepfather: A Survivor of Illegal Abortion On Why Safe, Legal Abortion is Essential

Richard Mourdock argued in a debate that women who have been raped should not have access to abortion services because their pregnancies are a “gift from god.” As a survivor of childhood sexual violence, I disagree with him completely.

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