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Roe at 40 — Happy Anniversary, Losers

1977 march in NYC. (Getty Images via NPR)

Struggling clinics. Generational divides within the movement. Fluctuating poll numbers. Controversy over the pro-choice label. As a recent post by Tracy Weitz reminds us on the latter count, these are not new stories. But let me challenge the idea that we are losing.

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Response to Time: The End of Right to Lies


Time Magazine recently said, abortion-rights activists won a victory 40 years ago with the Roe v. Wade decision, and have been losing ever since. What they didn’t say is that 2012 is the year we TOOK A STAND, organized via social media, and used it to STOP this madness!

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Response to Time: What Choice? *Our* Choice


Like so much journalism, the Time magazine article seemed determined to focus on conflict and failure, rather than on the extraordinary energy and transformative gifts of the movement for women’s reproductive choice have yielded over these past 40 years.

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SBA List Fights Women’s Rights in General: Shame on Time Magazine For Featuring Them

Rally during an SBA bus tour. (Mother Jones)

Time gave the SBA List space to promote their claim to be “pro-life feminists.” Except that in order to be a feminist, you have to work for women’s equality. SBA List is on the anti-feminist side on pretty much every issue, including equal pay and violence against women.

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A Response to Time Magazine: Young People Are Not Fragmenting the Pro-Choice Movement

It may be true that the pro-choice movement is “more fragmented than it’s ever been,” but this is not because young people are clamoring to overthrow those who are running legacy organizations.

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