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In 2012 Campaign Season, Anti-Choicers Show Their True Colors

The official line from anti-choicers about “life” is slipping away more frequently, and the reality—that it’s all about controlling women’s sexuality—comes out more often. Even at an official “pro-life” event at the RNC, ugly sexism can’t be contained.

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Dueling Priorities Force God to Move Hurricane Away from Tampa

Pat Robertson of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the 700 Club.

Well, we knew God was going to be responsible for the storm somehow.

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Hutchison and Others Call For a Broader Reach

Former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The RNC is focusing on women during their convention. But some in the party think it’s the wrong kind of focus.

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RNC Skips First Day Due to Issac; Still Searching for Unity

Charlie Crist. [img src]

A day off may be what they need to get everyone on the same page.

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GOP Hopes If They Stop Talking about It, the Whole Controversy Will Go Away

Sean Spicer on CNN. The Raw Story.

Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies…

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Christie’s RNC Keynote Role One More Indicator That the GOP Is Uninterested in Women Voters

Romney (left) with Christie. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

With the New Jersey Governor giving the biggest speech at the convention, the GOP admits they’ve given up on the woman’s vote.

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What Does the RNC Line-Up Say About Romney’s Potential VP Pick?

Nikki Haley with Romney. Politico.

The Republican National Convention will convene in exactly three weeks in Tampa, Florida, and today the Republican National Committee has released the first round of speakers for the event.  But does the list tell us anything about who is or isn’t in the running to be presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate?

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