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Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Personhood, and Crimes Against Humanity

The real question that needs to be addressed is not whether rape can cause pregnancy. The question is: will measures that ban women who have been impregnated by rape from having abortions be enacted, enabling rapists, with state support, even greater power to deprive women of their dignity and personhood?

· · · · · 

“New Life” Trumps “Existing Life” in the Modern Republican Party

Thanks to the Akin outburst, the extremist positions taken by anti-choice politicians are now finally becoming more visible to a larger public.

· · · · · 

Todd Akin’s Brain: It’s Not Just a War on Women. It’s a War on Critical Thinking and Democracy.

Akin’s statement and the GOP’s anti-choice positions aren’t just an election year “war on women” narrative. They are part of a reactionary, fundamentalist backlash to modernity. It’s a war on science. It’s a war on facts. It’s a war on critical thinking. But, really, consider it a war on democracy.

· · · · · 

Todd Akin, Rape, and the Larger Problem of Limiting Health Care Options

A woman with a pregnancy as the result of rape is facing one of the most difficult and confusing situations imaginable. Indeed, the larger problem remains, which is that Rep. Akin and his conservative allies in Congress and state legislatures stand by their desire to limit the health care options a pregnant woman has available to her.

· · · · · 

Republicans Loudly Distance Themselves From Akin’s Comments

George Allen. [img src]

If you are curious who is worried about their reelections, watch who is publicly denouncing the Missouri congressman’s “legitimate rape” remarks.

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Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comment Latest Declaration That Women Are Liars Or Sluts

Chuck Winder, (R) Boise. Facebook.

So, does a pregnancy as a result from sexual assault mean somehow she wanted it?

· · · · · 

Akin: There Is No Free (School) Lunch

[img src]

There’s nothing worse than a bunch of freeloading hungry elementary school kids, right?


· · · · · 

New Ad on Akin Focuses on Social Security

Rep. Todd Akin

The DSCC is making a his stance on Social Security an election issue, but for Congressman Todd Akin, his social agenda may be just as alarming.

· · · · · 

Todd Akin Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Contraception and Abortion, But He Wants “It” Outlawed

Todd Akin. Jeff Roberson/AP.

The Republican challenging Sen. McCaskill doesn’t understand the difference between contraception and abortion, but he still knows abortion is always wrong.

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McCaskill Will Face Akin, Not Steelman, In November

Todd Akin. AP.

Despite her star powered Sarah Palin support and her radical following, Steelman did not make it through the primary.

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