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Contraception Extremism and the Right-Wing Bubble

I should not have to choose between keeping my job and losing my dignity.

How did the Republicans get themselves into this shutdown mess? Part of the problem is they are remarkably out of touch, and you can look no further than Republican discourse on contraception to see how bad it’s gotten in the right-wing bubble.

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The Bishops Do Not Speak for All Catholics

The U.S. Catholic bishops want to be known as the champions of the poor and struggling. But they're happy to block services to the needy to further their anti-contraception agenda.

I do not believe that people—especially Catholics—in either the Philippines or Ireland want our elected officials to bend a knee to the will of the bishops when it comes to reproductive health.

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Progressive Religious Leaders Seek to Shift the Conversation on Contraception and Abortion in Texas

Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis, a Unitarian Universalist minister from Houston, leads Texas clergy members in a prayer for increased access to contraception at the Texas state capitol.

Last week, clergy from across the state of Texas gathered at the capitol building in Austin to show their support for access to contraception. Clad in collars, stoles and other religious garb, they stood in the outdoor rotunda to call, publicly, for legislators to stop their ongoing attacks on Texans’ freedom to choose when and whether to have children.

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Christian Right Group on an Anti-LGBTQ Crusade in Brazil

Snapshot from the Brazilian Carnival.

Brazil is a country of contradictions. It can produce both the Brazilian Carnival and house right-wing Christian empires.

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SCOTUS Renews Liberty University’s Challenge to Obamacare

photo courtesy of taberandrew via Flickr

On Monday the Supreme Court ordered an appellate court revisit Liberty University’s legal challenges to the insurance mandates in Obamacare.

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In Hobby Lobby Case, Federal Court Weighs Whether Secular Employers Can Exercise Religious Rights

photo courtesy of valakirka via Flickr

National retail craft chain Hobby Lobby wants a federal court to rule that secular businesses have First Amendment religious rights.

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DOJ Makes The Case For Dismissing Hobby Lobby Suit Against Birth Control Benefit

photo courtesy of daysofthundr46 via Flickr

Can a for-profit secular corporation exercise religious rights? Hobby Lobby thinks so.

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The O’Brien Decision: A Gift to the Obama Administration From a Bush Appointee

Late last month, Honorable Carole Jackson in the Eastern District of Missouri issued a forceful rebuke of the arguments being made by the various religious organizations that are filing lawsuits against the Department of Health and Human Services alleging that the birth control benefit infringes upon their religious liberty.

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Using “Religious Liberty” to Hide Religious Overreach

We have been hearing plenty about “religious liberty” lately. Now let’s see who’s using the term “religious liberty” in a novel way, trying to conceal a campaign of religious overreach.

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UPDATE: A Closer Look at the Contraceptive Coverage Lawsuits: The Radical Agenda Behind the Fight Over Religious Exemptions

Thirty lawsuits have been filed by corporations challenging the HHS regulation requiring that most health plans cover contraceptives. A survey of these cases yields some useful information as to what the “religious freedom” debate is all about.

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