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From Big Dan’s to Steubenville: A Generation Later, Media Coverage of Rape Still Awful

Striking parallels between a rape case from exactly thirty years ago and Steubenville make for a good opportunity to assess how much reporting on rape has improved in the span of one generation.

Striking parallels between a rape case from almost exactly thirty years ago and the Steubenville case make for a good opportunity to assess how reporting on rape has changed—or not.

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An Open Letter to Caribbean Men, From Caribbean Women

The rate of rape in the Caribbean is higher than the global average.

Dear Caribbean men: We do not have to smile for you. We do not have to answer you. We do not have to dance with you. And we do not dress for you.

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Why Men Should Be Taught Not to Rape—And What Rape Is

Last week, Zerlina Maxwell—Democratic strategist, writer and rape survivor—went on the Sean Hannity Show and suggested that men and boys can be trained not to rape.

For men to be trained not to rape, they have to learn what rape is.

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Ending Violence Against Women Shouldn’t Be Controversial—But it Is

Flags outside the United Nations building in New York City.

One week into the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women meeting, it seems possible that the negotiations will once again end at an impasse.

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The Pope, Pregnant Children, and Violence Against Girls and Women

Pope Benedict XVI.

The Pope’s rationale is that his “age means he lacks strength to do job.” You could use the exact words to describe the nine-year old girl the Pope excommunicated for having a life-saving abortion after being raped and impregnated, with twins.

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Four Things You Probably Don’t Know About Title IX

Title IX is an enormously important law for female athletes – no other law has done more to expand opportunities for women and girls in athletics. But what many people don’t know is that the benefits and protections of Title IX aren’t limited to athletics.

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Can We Pass CEDAW?


We find that ratification of CEDAW leads to real, concrete changes in the lives of women and girls. Yet, inconceivably, the United States is one of only seven countries that has yet to ratify CEDAW, keeping company with the likes of Iran and Somalia. But the moment is upon us. 

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Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth? New Mexico Has a Novel Approach

New Mexico State Legislator Cathrynn Brown. (Alamy via Huffington Post)

What if we made fetuses evidence and said abortion would “destroy” it? It’s illogical in every way.

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In India and Elsewhere, Laws Without Accountability Won’t End Gender Violence or Bring Justice to Its Victims

Bus in New Delhi. (nraja.freeservers.com)

The death from gang rape of a 23-year-old student has turned a spotlight on India’s gender norms. In response, Human Rights Watch has come out with a series of policy recommendations for India. But without effective enforcement, these laws won’t even move the needle on acts of violence against women.

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California Court Says Rape by Impersonation Isn’t Rape if Woman Is not Married

Los Angeles Court of Appeals (Google Street View)

A recent California decision shows why updating our sex crimes laws should be a top priority of 2013.

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