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STOKING FIRE: Islamophobia Trumps “Pro-Life” Ideology

Annika Rydh. (New Nation News Reporters Newsroom)

Surprising as it seems, a host of anti-choicers have demonstrated a clear tilt toward population control when it comes to Muslims. Indeed, it seems apparent that, for them, racism and Islamophobia trump unbridled procreation for Mohammed’s adherents.

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May It Displease the Court: Corporations Use “Operation Rescue”-Style Tactics To Oppose Abortion

Anti-choice protestors in Wichita, KS in 1991. (Kim D. Johnson / The Wichita Eagle)

Physical “rescues” were meant to harass clinics out of existence. The new “civil disobedience” call of anti-choice corporations refusing to cover contraception and sterilization procedures even in the face of federal court order to the contrary is just the corporate version of this same sit-in tactic.

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Graphic “Fetus” Poster!

Photo: The Center for Bioethical Reform.

Not content with their ground game, anti-choice zealots are taking over the skies, too.

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More Randall Terry Acolytes File To Run For Congress

Gary Boisclair. [img src]

Local voters get to watch ads made by people who don’t live in the state for an office they have no intention of trying to win.

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Like a Bad Rash, Randall Terry Re-Infects Wichita With New “Campaign” Office

Like a bad rash….he’s back and opening a “campaign office” in Wichita.  It will no doubt leave Wichitans wishing for an effective ointment that will just make him disappear. 

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Randall Terry May Have Won A Delegate In Oklahoma

Oh no!  Does this mean Obama’s hopes of winning Oklahoma are over?

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Anti-Choice Activists Torn On Terry Ads

Randall Terry. [img src]

Randall Terry plans to air graphic anti-abortion ads during the Super Bowl. Many anti-choicers are opposed.

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$10 For Tebow Translates Into Terry Super Bowl Ads

[img src]

If the Broncos make the Super Bowl, this year’s may be unwatchable.

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Minnesota Gets A “Randall Terry” Candidate

Gary Boisclair (left) with another member of Operation Rescue at the IN courthouse. (source)

Lucky me.  I guess I get to watch abortion commercials in 2012.

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Randall Terry Previews Iowa “Campaign Ad”

Because he’s running against Obama in a primary.  No, really.

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