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Advocates Push to End Federal Abortion Funding Bans

Oregon All Above All delegates pose with Rep. Earl Blumenauer at the Capitol Wednesday.

All Above All, a campaign made up of 28 reproductive and social justice organizations, sent 125 delegates from more than 20 states to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to lobby for lifting bans on federal funding of abortions.

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Why the Pro-Choice Movement Needs to Talk About Children

Our stories and experiences stand as a visceral rebuttal to the anti-choice movement’s desired narrative.

The pro-choice movement’s shift in attention, messaging, and resources away from a focus on family means that the anti-choice movement has been able to make the idea of family, specifically unborn children, central to its emotional power and success.

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An Open Letter to All Abortion Activists From a Young Activist


To say that Millennials are less “committed” or “present” in the fight to ensure safe and legal access to abortion for all women in America is simply false. We are out there. Because we have to be.

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Response to Nancy Keenan in Salon: Let’s Set the Record Straight on Millennials and Abortion. Again


It is time to put to rest the questioning about Millennials and whether they care about access to safe abortion care. It is time to get to work.

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Responding to Newsweek: Young Women Lead a Vibrant Reproductive Justice Movement

Young women — and their families and communities — still care intensely about reproductive rights, they just need to be engaged in new ways…and not only in election years.

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