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Abortion Rights and Judicial Bias in Texas Planned Parenthood Decision

photo courtesy of Kumar Appaiha

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals appears willing to stop at nothing to enshrine its hostility to abortion access into law.

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Federal Appeals Court Rules Texas Can Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funding

photo courtesy of Threat To Democracy via Flickr

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injuction barring the state from defunding local Planned Parenthood clinics and their affiliates while a trial challening that funding ban moves forward.

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New Ad Says Romney Would Take Women Back To the Fifties

Advertisement: James Vaughn/Flickr.

A new ad from the Obama campaign reiterates Romney’s position against helping women access contraception.

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Rick Perry: We’ll Pay For Our New Women’s Health Program With the Medicaid Funds I Said I’d Reject

[img src]

Is he or isn’t Perry rejecting the Medicaid expansion?  Maybe even Perry doesn’t know.

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Does Pittman Want to Publicly Hang Planned Parenthood?

Larry Pittman. IndependentTribune.Com.

At least this time it appears he meant to send his email to everyone.

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Open Letter to Representative Trent Franks: What Caring About Women and Babies Really Looks Like

Dear Representative Trent Franks and other anti-choice politicians: Stop claiming you care about women and babies. You didn’t care about me when I was raped, and you don’t care about the suffering of American people. How dare you suggest otherwise.

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HHS Says Indiana Cannot Refuse To Deny Planned Parenthood Medicaid Funding


The administration has told the state that it cannot discriminate against the provider when it comes to using Medicaid funding for family planning services.

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Why Attacks on Contraception Meet Success In Such A Pro-Contraception Culture

Another successful attack on contraception access could make anyone wonder how such a thing is possible in a country where nearly everyone uses contraception. But while hypocrisy has a strong political hold now, if we hang in, pro-choicers will win this war. 

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Anti-Choice Activists Tell Board “Get Creative” To Find A Way To Close Local Planned Parenthood

Protesters outside the Warminster Planned Parenthood on Good Friday. Art Gentile/PhillyBurbs.com.

Yes, they really are looking for anything that can act as an excuse to shut the provider down.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Vetoes $7.5 Million In Family Planning Funding

Amanda Brown/The Star-Ledger

The Republican governor and potential vice presidential candidate is continuing his quest to eliminate funding for pregnancy prevention and sexual health.

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