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A Comstock Speaks: Why I Support Planned Parenthood

I support Planned Parenthood for the same reasons millions of other people do, but I have another, more unique, reason for supporting Planned Parenthood. I have a remote connection to its origin: Anthony Comstock was a distant relative of mine.

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Federal Court Blocks Arizona Efforts To De-Fund Planned Parenthood

photo courtesy of  badlyricpolice via Flickr

A federal court on Friday issued a preliminary injunction preventing the state from stripping Planned Parenthood of funding.

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Fearing Funds Will Go to Planned Parenthood, Arizona Anti-Choice Groups Oppose Tax Hike

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Photo: AZRTL via whotalking.com.

Arizona anti-choice organizations are so focused on keeping money from Planned Parenthood that they’re fighting against proposals that don’t fund the group now—just in case it might get funded in the future.

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Attacks on Sex Education Continue Nationwide

The 2011–12 school year brought the typical array of controversies over sexuality education in public and private schools, along with exciting news of new sexuality-education standards.

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One Year Later, Planned Parenthood Is Still Stealing Souls

Jim Sedlak preaches to the street with his microphone. Photo: American Life League via QuotesTemple.

Some things never change. At least not in the alternative universe that is the American Life League.

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Indiana Right to Life Seeks to Eliminate Access to Safe, Early Medication Abortion

Photo: Think Progress.

The group is claiming that a Lafayette clinic is violating law by providing medication abortions without licensing their clinic as a surgical abortion center.

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Rick Perry: Ideological Crisis Pregnancy Center Is the Future of the Texas Women’s Health Program

Rick Perry helped cut the ribbon to open a Houston CPC this week. Emily Deprang

On Tuesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry stopped by to lend a little good-old-boy masculinity to the opening of a branch of Houston’s The Source For Women, a crisis pregnancy center that Perry touted as the future of Texas’ new Women’s Health Program–a program explicitly designed and intended to serve women who are not, and don’t want to be, pregnant.

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New Hampshire Primary Preview: Races To Watch

(From left) top row: Cilley, Hassan, Kennedy. Bottom row: Lamontagne, Smith, Tarr. Photo: Jim Cole/AP.

The state of New Hampshire primary could offer some historic results for the 2012 election.

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They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: “Title X Only Existed So The Country Didn’t Run Out of Food”

[img src]

Now that any potential “population crisis” is over, antis are coming for your birth control.

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Hearing on Planned Parenthood and Texas’ Women’s Health Program Pits Science, Health Against Ideology

Photo from the Texas Department of State Health Services hearing via @PPGreaterTX

Yesterday in a packed auditorium at the Texas Department of State Health Services, legislators, doctors and other supporters of Planned Parenthood gathered to speak out–sometimes through tears–against proposed rules that would bar Planned Parenthood from participating in the state’s Women’s Health Program.

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