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Our Church: Home to Planned Parenthood for Forty Years – and Still Fighting

Inside the First Presbyterian Church in Ogdensburg, NY, during Advent/Christmas.

It is hard to believe that the U. S House of Representatives actually voted to cut off Planned Parenthood altogether. These political attacks get plenty of attention. Meanwhile, in contrast, the Presbyterian Church I am blessed to serve wants to be sure that a woman’s health center, like Planned Parenthood, has a home.

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Justice is Love Made Public

Civil rights leader John Lewis (today a congressman from Georgia), left, and others pray during a demonstration, ca. 1963.

Too often, “love” and “justice” are understood in completely different categories. In fact, they are just different incarnations of one another.

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Federal Court Overturns Arizona Planned Parenthood Funding Ban


U.S. District Judge Neil Wake gave women’s health advocates a significant victory in the fight over family planning funding, overturning a 2012 Arizona law that targets Planned Parenthood.

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Legal Wrap: In Battle Over Medication Abortion, Who Is Protecting the Rights of Women in Wisconsin?


The latest legal news on the contraception challenges and fight for reproductive justice in the states.

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Texas Lawmaker Seeks To Ban Planned Parenthood From Providing Sex Ed in Public Schools

Rep. Jeff Leach.

A freshman state representative in Texas is continuing the state’s bizarre vendetta against abortion providers and their affiliates—that’s Texan for “Planned Parenthood”—by filing a bill that would prevent such entities from providing sex education in schools.

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Is Anti-Choice Colorado Group Encouraging Politicians to Lie About their Positions?


Recognizing the public’s hostility toward candidates who want to ban abortion, a Colorado group offers to help candidates who want to conceal their anti-choice views from voters.

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Resolution 1635-A: A National Model for Championing Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care?

Joan Malin rallies in NYC for Planned Parenthood, 08/2011. (Sam Lewis/Metrofocus)

Women do not want politicians to meddle in their personal medical decisions. We applaud and stand behind the Resolution 1635-A, calling upon the United States Congress to continue to fund comprehensive reproductive health care for all Americans.

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Texas Disables Problem-Riddled Health Provider Website But Still Has No Answers on Access to Care

(screenshot via TexasWomensHealth.org)

Last week, the Texas Health And Human Services Commission disabled the problem-riddled online provider search function on its Texas Women’s Health Program website, which has, for months, directed low-income women seeking pap smears to call endoscopy clinics and pediatric offices.

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Planned Parenthood Gives Up the “Pro-Choice” Label: What Does It Mean for the Movement?

This week, Planned Parenthood announced it will let go of the “pro-choice” label, concerned that the pro-life/pro-choice framework for abortion doesn’t resonate with the general public that holds many more conflicting positions on abortion.

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A Response to Time Magazine: Young People Are Not Fragmenting the Pro-Choice Movement

It may be true that the pro-choice movement is “more fragmented than it’s ever been,” but this is not because young people are clamoring to overthrow those who are running legacy organizations.

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