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Supreme Court Won’t Step Into Planned Parenthood Funding Fray—for Now

Attorneys for reproductive health-care providers in Texas filed an emergency petition with the Roberts Court Monday morning as a health-care crisis grips the state.

A decision to let stand a federal appeals court ruling that Indiana can’t defund Planned Parenthood is good news, but it isn’t necessarily a signal from the Roberts court that the issue is over.

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Dual Strategies Used to Attack Planned Parenthood in Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma

Republicans see an opportunity to capture the second most powerful court in the country—the D.C. Circuit—and they are going for it.

The war on Planned Parenthood is now reaching epic proportions, as multiple states try to defund existing clinics and block new ones from opening.

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Vehemently Anti-Planned Parenthood Candidates Emerge in Georgia and Virginia

E.W. Jackson (left) and Karen Handel.

Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel announced that she is running for an open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, while Virginia Republicans selected Bishop E.W. Jackson as their nominee for lieutenant governor in this year’s election.

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Sexual Health Roundup: Porn Not So Influential?; Latinos Support Sex Ed; German Textbook ‘Too Explicit’

A new study out of the Netherlands suggests that porn might only influence young people's sexual behavior a little bit.

A new study suggests that porn might not influence young people’s sexual behavior as much as we thought, and it turns out that even Europeans have limits about how explicit sex education can be, at least when it’s for first-graders.

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Kansas Senate Passes Massive Anti-Choice Omnibus Bill

How Governor Brownback is likely to look when deciding whether or not to sign the bill.

Calling amendments to lessen the restrictive measures in the bill “hijinks,” the state senate passed a 70-page omnibus bill onto the governor for approval.

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Federal Judge: Planned Parenthood of Tennessee Can Continue HIV-Prevention Work

hand holding AIDS ribbon

Another federal court rules that conservatives can’t defund Planned Parenthood because it provides abortion care.

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How Did Emergency Contraception Get Excluded From VAWA?

Plan b emergency contraceptive

By all accounts, the women’s rights advocates who fought to reauthorize VAWA never made EC a priority.

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Watch Texas Sen. Dan Patrick Snipe and Holler His Way Through a Sex Ed Hearing

Texas Senator Dan Patrick

Patrick wants to keep Planned Parenthood from providing sex education curriculum in public schools. Watch how he treats citizens who respectfully disagree with him.

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U.S. Must Stand Strong on International Agreement to Address Gender Violence

It’s time to leverage the VAWA victory and momentum for women’s rights and turn our attention to women and girls beyond our borders.

It’s time to leverage the VAWA victory and turn our attention to the needs of women and girls around the world.

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Not Content With Strictest Abortion Law in the Country, Rapert Wants to Defund Planned Parenthood

Senator Jason Rapert.

Once an anti-choicer’s done all he can to ban abortion, his next logical move is to cut off birth control access.

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