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Six Supreme Court Cases to Watch This Term

Attorneys for reproductive health-care providers in Texas filed an emergency petition with the Roberts Court Monday morning as a health-care crisis grips the state.

Although the entire docket has not yet been set, the next Supreme Court term is already shaping up to be historic, with decisions on abortion protests, legislative prayer, and state affirmative action, just to name a few.

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Federal Court Hears Arguments in Legal Challenge to North Carolina Ultrasound Law

Gov. Pat McCrory said that "costly and drawn out litigation" would not be worth the trouble over the one provision that was struck down, which would have forced all women seeking an abortion to receive and be shown a narrated ultrasound before their procedure.

A federal court will consider whether or not to permanently block the state’s 2011 mandatory ultrasound law.

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Advocating for Safe Abortion Care: Why Passing New York City’s Resolution 1635A is So Important

Audience at the Council hearing on January 18th. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

Each woman should have coverage for the full range of reproductive health care, regardless of how her insurance is paid for, to ensure that she has the means to access safe medical care from a trained provider.

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Bad Law Brings Tough Choices: Litigating Abortion Restrictions in a Post-Roe World


Two recent decisions to drop legal challenges to abortion restrictions illustrates the difficult choices facing reproductive rights lawyers in a legal climate hostile to abortion rights.

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NPLA “Spousal Consent for Abortion” Questionnaire Shows Up In North Dakota

The group wouldn’t say what other states it was targetting, but they aren’t just in Kansas anymore.

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Finally a Limit Is Reached: Ninth Circuit Rules McCormack Can’t Be Prosecuted For Her Abortion

photo courtesy of Connor Tatar via Flickr

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals finds a limit to what states can pass in the name of restricting abortion access: criminal prosecutions of terminated pregnancies.

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When Lying To Women Is Mandated Care: Informed Consent, Abortion, and the Role Played by Justice Kennedy

Photo courtesy of rosmary via Flickr

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals gave constitutional protection to misleading women seeking abortion care. Now it will almost certainly rest on Justice Kennedy to address challenges to informed consent laws, problems with which can be traced back to him in the first place.

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Roundup: Two Big Retirements In One Day, Justice Stevens and Bart Stupak

The big news today is the two announced retirees, Bart Stupak and Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

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Attorney/Clinic Escort/Self-Described Male Feminist Speaks Out on Abortion and Contraception

I really feel that we’re continually fighting a rearguard here. Obama has maintained the status quo (probably) on the Supreme Court. I don’t see a Freedom of Choice Act passing anytime soon. The anti-choicers are out to stop contraception generally, not just abortion, because pregnancy is supposed to be God’s punishment for “easy women.” Combined with Dr. Tiller’s murder and the generally lukewarm response, along with the lack of training for new doctors in abortion care, I worry that we’re going to be seeing a further decline in availability for quite some time.

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Keeping Track of Coulter

Over the past year, Ann Coulter has repeatedly justified terrorism against abortion providers.

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