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Arizona Clinic Inspection and Defunding Bill Passes House Panel

If a budget is not adopted by July 1, the government will shut down.

SB 1069 would allow for more unannounced clinic inspections, possibly leading to clinic closures in the state, and is designed to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates.

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Arkansas to Increase ‘Conscience’ Protections, Add Telemed Ban

Republican Senator Missy Irwin just introduced SB 913, a bill banning telemed abortions in the state.

If the Arkansas legislature had a motto for its 2013 session, it would probably be “Want to have sex? Make babies.”

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Colorado Senate Proposes “Gender-Based Abortions” Ban, While One Rep Wants to Just Ban Abortions

Colorado Capitol building in Denver. (Fox News 31 Denver)

The anti-choice legislators must be bored with no “personhood” initiative to pass their time on.

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Anti-Choice Ohio Legislature Reject Bill to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy

Ohio State Rep. Nickie J. Antonio. Photo: World News Inc.

Where do babies come from? It’s starting to look like the Ohio legislature is primarily responsible for them.

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North Carolina Shows That In Case You Still Doubted, They DO Want To Take Away Your Birth Control

WeNews - Creative Commons/Flickr.

Catholics rejoice that the cuts in Title X funding in North Carolina should cut off some access to contraception.

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