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Obama Administration Agrees to Comply With Court Order on Emergency Contraception

A state judge ruled Monday that age and identification requirements on the sale of emergency contraception passed by the Oklahoma legislature should be blocked.

Public health advocates are celebrating Monday night’s announcement that the Obama administration will comply with a court order to make emergency contraception available over-the-counter without age restrictions.

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A Teen to Obama on Emergency Contraception: Stop Patronizing Me

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit Thursday arguing the state's age and proof-of-identification requirements violate the state's constitution.

Why would the Obama administration support such restrictions, which not only put the health and lives of young women at risk, but also further disable young women from taking control of our sexuality?

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Weld County Board Renews Decision to Ban Plan B at Health Clinics

Debate characterized by anti-abortion anxiety and aversion to subsidized contraception.

The debate is characterized by anti-abortion anxiety and aversion to subsidized contraception.

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10 Reasons Why the Obama Administration Is Wrong on Emergency Contraception

emergency pills

Once again, politics have trumped science, and it’s women and girls who pay the price.

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Emergency Contraception and Moral Panic: Dissecting the Newest Misinformation Campaign

The logical outcome of the current anti-choice strategy is arrests of pregnant women and the people who try to help them: Coerce women into the black market by reducing the number of legal abortion providers, and then leave them to the prosecutors.

Inaccurate arguments posed by anti-choicers against emergency contraception are not about the health and safety of women and girls: Rather, their claims about EC’s safety are proxies for moral disapproval of sex.

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Court Orders FDA to Make Emergency Contraception Available Over-the-Counter for All Ages

“Today science has finally prevailed over politics,” said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of CRR, which brought this and other lawsuits.

In a long-awaited decision released early this morning, U.S. District Court Judge Edward Korman ordered the FDA to make emergency contraception available over-the-counter to women of all ages, marking a major win for public health and women’s rights.

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Forget “Having it All”: What About Just Having Access to Plan B?

In the battle over emergency contraception access, corporate interests win out over public health.

It is an outrage that not only may it be difficult to physically access Plan B but also lack of information regarding emergency contraceptives can serve as an obstacle for young women who have been sexually assaulted. 

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The Plan B Decision: Sacrificing “Change We Can Believe In” for Expediency?

We cannot let the Democrats, let our president, lose sight of what this decades-old debate about access to all forms of reproductive healthcare is really about; that is, for women to have any sort of autonomy and self-determination within our society. 

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The Inside Hardball on Obama’s Emergency Contraception Decision?

I got to thinking about what else the President’s decision portends. The essence of successful politicians like, say, Margaret Hamburg and Kathleen Sebelius, is three-fold. What starts all over every morning is the (political) big leagues ballgame. What starts over every day in these big leagues, just like the baseball ones, is a game that is played only one way: the hardball way.

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A Young Doctor’s Response to President Obama’s Plan B Failure: Where Is the Scientific Integrity?

Experts, who we count on for guidance and sound evidence-based medicine, have repeatedly shown Plan B to be not only extremely effective, but incredibly safe. Although the experts in the FDA agreed with the well-researched and well-presented data on Plan B, Secretary Sebelius and President Obama chose to ignore their expertise and base their decision on politics, not science.

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