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But Not a Drop to Drink: How Trans and Intersex Groups Struggle to Make Ends Meet

“As we’re T-specific,” said an interviewee, “it is difficult to access LGBT funding.” The irony of this should be lost on no one.

A new report from the American Jewish World Service and Global Action for Trans Equality looks at the funding landscape for trans and intersex activism. “As we’re T-specific,” said one interviewee, “it is difficult to access LGBT funding.” The irony of this should be lost on no one.

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Increasing Dollars for Domestic Violence: How Companies Can Do Right for Women and Girls

As corporations expand their philanthropic giving, an epidemic that affects millions of American women is being pushed further out of sight: Domestic violence. The economic toll that domestic abuse exacts on our social service system, workplaces, and law enforcement is in the billions.

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Beyond Bitter Over Buffett

In a week where philanthropy was redefined and we bore witness to one of the greatest acts — investments — in the health and well being of people challenged by poverty and disease, comes this Reckless Rhetoric from Human Life International:

"Warren Buffett's money has gone to fund the deadly abortion-causing drug RU-486, the production and distribution of portable suction-abortion devices in the developing world, organizations that push abortion on developing countries, and many other radical organizations," Father Euteneuer said. He added that the Gates Foundation, to which Buffett will now make a record donation, has also "given millions of dollars to organizations pushing abortion around the world. Rather than lauding his philanthropy, Father Euteneuer decried Buffett's sense of priorities. "Warren Buffett's philanthropy," he said, "aims at killing preborn children, not curing childhood disease; eliminating the poor, not poverty; and destroying the developing world, not aiding development."

But this quote deserves a box all its own, so representative of the problem with ideological distortions of reality is it:

“Warren Buffett will be known as the Dr. Mengele of philanthropy unless he repents and ceases using tax deductible donations to promote a culture of death and desolation." Fr. Euteneuer.

I'm not sure you want to start a discussion of tax deducitble donations, Father.

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