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Drug Tampering Case May Give New Life to Long-Stalled Florida Anti-Choice Bill

One Florida legislator hopes national attention and a new name might give new life to a failed bill.

State Rep. Larry Ahern is hoping that with a new name and help from the woman whose boyfriend allegedly tricked her into taking medication that caused her to have an early abortion, 2014 may be the year his anti-choice bill finally passes.

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Mississippi Personhood: They’re Baaaacccckkkk!

With several abortion restrictions on hold, anti-choice activists are using their down time to prepare for a new push to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs via a "personhood" measure.

Mississippi wants to take granting legal rights to fertilized eggs back to the voters, even though the voters already resoundingly said no.

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Mississipi to Bring Back “Heartbeat Ban” this Legislative Session and Personhood in 2014

Governor Phil Bryant. (Urban Christian News)

If Mississippi’s only clinic does manage to stay open it may not matter, since abortion might be banned all together anyway.

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Life Begins At Conception. That’s Not the Point

The development of a potential human life requires conception as a first step. But that is not the same as either pregnancy or personhood. You can’t reduce complex reality to a slogan, and when you try to do so, you actually minimize the personhood of women.

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U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Personhood Oklahoma Appeal

photo courtesy of kaibara87 via Flickr

The high court turned back the anti-abortion group’s plea to put the issue of personhood on the Oklahoma ballot without comment.

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Romney Supports Total Abortion Ban, No Exceptions, But Fools the Media Into Reporting Otherwise

When it comes to personhood/human life laws, either Mitt Romney is very confused and does not understand the grave implications for women of the laws for which he is espousing support, or he is lying, or both. The media should not be helping him out.

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Why Is Former Personhood Supporter, Congressman Mike Coffman, Ducking Questions About the New Ballot in Colorado?

Rep. Mike Coffman. AP/Files.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) has supported Colorado personhood amendments, which would ban all abortions and some common forms of birth control. Now, he’s announced he will not endorse a personhood measure this year. Why not?

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Colorado “Personhood” Volunteers Gather 80 Signatures Each

Colorado’s third attempt to force voters to reject personhood is on its way.

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Mysterious GOP Senator Wants To Define Flooding As Beginning at Fertilization (Oh, Rand Paul)

[img src]

The senate is having a hard time passing flood insurance bill due to a senator’s insistance on tagging a fertilized egg amendment onto it.

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Three Lessons on Religious Freedom from North Dakota

With the rejection of the “Personhood Amendment” in Mississippi and the rejection of Measure 3 in North Dakota, we see proof that Americans have a profound respect for religious freedom as the founders intended it.

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