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Anti-Choice Plan for 2013 Clarified on Roe Anniversary: End All Rape Exceptions

Rebecca Kiessling. (The Clarion Call)

Pregnant from your rapist? Too bad. Have that baby anyway.

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Not Enough Eggs in This Basket! “Personhood” Colorado Falls Short of Number Needed For Colorado Ballot

Frey Vineyards/Frey Farm & Garden Blog.

The group turned in over 112,000 signatures, but too many could not be validated.

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Personhood USA Unhappy With Ryan’s Dissembling on Forcing Rape Victims To Give Birth

Jason Reed/Reuters.

The “fertilized eggs as people” group is disappointed that Ryan isn’t a “better influence” on Romney.

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Colorado “Personhood” Volunteers Gather 80 Signatures Each

Colorado’s third attempt to force voters to reject personhood is on its way.

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“Personhood” Movement Not About Outlawing Birth Control?

[orgnl img src]

In a Newsweek puff piece on Keith Mason, the leader of Personhood USA, the article lets himget away with a few whoppers.

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Personhood USA to Mitt Romney: Why Won’t You Sign Our Pledge?

[img src]

He’s the last man standing, but that doesn’t mean the most extreme of the anti-choice activists are willing to accept him.

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STOKING FIRE: Extremist Anti-Choice Groups Plan Five-State Assault

Anti-choice extremists are at it again. Not to be outdone by Catholic bishops, Flip Benham’s Operation Save America has teamed up with Go Stand Speak, LifeLink, Jeremiah Cry Ministries, Personhood USA, and Repent America to make five states abortion “refuges.”

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Nevada Judge Strikes Down Second Egg-as-Person Ballot Initiative in One Week

[orignl img src]

A Nevada judge has ruled to immediately dismiss the second of two “egg-as-person” ballot initiatives because he has determined it to be vague and misleading.

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And Then The Angelic Choirs Kicked In

You know you want to know what it really means to be “pro-life,” right?

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Morning Roundup: Lautenberg and Lee Introduce Bill Banning Funding of Abstinence-Only Programs

The Illinois House is using the conservative Agriculture Committee to pass anti-choice bills, North Dakota is looking at a personhood bill, and Sen. Lautenberg and Rep. Lee introduce a bill banning federal funding of ineffective abstinence programs.

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