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“Personhood” Back in Oklahoma Legislature

State Representative Mike Reynolds. (News on 6)

Last year’s attempt to pass a “personhood” bill through the Oklahoma legislature was a disaster. Now, it’s a second try.

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U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Personhood Oklahoma Appeal

photo courtesy of kaibara87 via Flickr

The high court turned back the anti-abortion group’s plea to put the issue of personhood on the Oklahoma ballot without comment.

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Oklahoma “Egg-As-Person” Ballot Initiative Ruled Unconstitutional

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Making a ferilized egg have equal personhood rights is unconstitutional according to the state Supreme Court.

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Are Anti-Choice Groups Finally Pushing Lawmakers Too Hard?

Tony Lauinger. [img src]

And here I thought fighting for fertilized eggs is supposed to mean never saying you’re sorry…

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Oklahoma Republicans Kill “Egg-As-Person” Bill

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Despite heavy pressure from Personhood Oklahoma and radical anti-choice activists, the GOP leaders shut down procedural maneuvers to bring the bill to a vote.

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Egg-as-Person Bill Dies in Oklahoma House of Representatives

A Republican caucus has decided to keep the Oklahoma personhood measure from being heard.

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