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Colorado Fetal ‘Personhood’ Amendment Will Be on 2014 Ballot

If approved, the ordinance would have a significant impact not just on reproductive rights in Albuquerque but throughout New Mexico and the Southwest.

Anti-choice organization Personhood Colorado collected more than 140,000 signatures in favor of the ballot measure, which would redefine the words “person” and “child” to include fetuses, far exceeding the required number.

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Colorado Anti-Choice Activists Submit Enough Signatures to Put ‘Fetal Homicide’ Measure on 2014 Ballot

Conservatives asked the Roberts Court to review and reverse a federal appeals court decision that for-profit companies are not "people" with religious exercise rights.

If the secretary of state approves the signatures and the measure makes the ballot, political observers say it’s unlikely to pass, just as “personhood” abortion bans were defeated overwhelmingly in Colorado in 2008 and 2010.

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New Jersey Supreme Court Unanimously Holds Child Abuse Statute Doesn’t Apply to Fetuses

From Michael Dunn's acquittal in the murder of Jordan Davis to a pending nominee to the federal bench, now more than ever our courts matter.

A unanimous state Supreme Court overturns a finding of child abuse based solely on pre-natal drug exposure and provides a well-reasoned opinion why these kinds of abuse prosecutions hurt vulnerable families.

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In New Push for “Personhood,” Arizona Anti-Choicers Push Bill to Track Every Embryo


An Arizona group seeking to establish legal personhood for fertilized eggs and embryos is proposing a new way for the state to keep tabs on the personal reproductive decisions of its citizens: Embryo tracking.

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Alabama Senator Wants to Ban Abortion Because The Bible Tells Him So

Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, with bible. (Diary of a Hollywood Street King)

Never has an anti-choice politician been so blatant that his motives are purely about his religion.

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Mississipi to Bring Back “Heartbeat Ban” this Legislative Session and Personhood in 2014

Governor Phil Bryant. (Urban Christian News)

If Mississippi’s only clinic does manage to stay open it may not matter, since abortion might be banned all together anyway.

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Roe v. Wade and Fetal Personhood: Juridical Persons Are Not Natural Persons, And Why it Matters

As women’s rights and pro-choice activists continue to sharply criticize the ongoing attempts to grant personhood rights to eggs, it is important to examine what “personhood” actually means, what fetal personhood laws would mean for our movement, and how personhood activists are getting it all wrong.

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Promote the Personhood of Fertilized Eggs! Win $5,000 Cash!

If the fertilized egg as person movement wasn’t already showing signs of jumping the shark, now they are bribing people into supporting them.

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