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Anti-Choice Democrat Rushes to Bring Abortion Bill to Texas Senate Floor as Protestors Gather Again

Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) (pictured above) punctuated her amendment by hanging a wire coat hanger on her microphone.

An anti-choice Democrat in Texas appears to be taking advantage of the death of one of his colleagues’ father in order to suspend a rule that would bring an omnibus anti-abortion bill to the senate floor sooner than expected.

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An Open Letter to Anyone Ready to Write Off Texas: Don’t, Because it’s *Your* Future at Stake

Reproductive rights advocates gather at the Texas capitol building Sunday.

Covering Texas politics as a feminist journalist, one of the things I hear a lot is: Why don’t you leave? What else do you expect … it’s Texas?

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Abortion Didn’t Start With Roe v. Wade. Safe Abortion Did

Photo of the overflow room at the hearing.

“Abortion didn’t start with Roe v. Wade; safe abortion started with Roe v. Wade. Women have always had abortions, and the issue at hand here is what kind of abortions are we willing to let Texas women have?”

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Texas’ ‘People’s Filibuster’: Who Was There, What’s at Stake, and What’s Next

The last woman to testify at Thursday night's "people's filibuster" in Texas.

Texans are being asked to return to their Capitol building on Sunday in a continued show of solidarity for reproductive rights, after a “people’s filibuster” took a committee hearing over the ten-hour mark in the wee hours of the morning Friday.

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700 Texans Gather for ‘People’s Filibuster,’ GOP Lawmaker Tries to Silence ‘Repetitive’ Testimony

The overflow room at the James H. Reagan building in Austin, where close to a hundred citizens were shut out of testifying against an omnibus abortion bill after a GOP lawmaker called the pro-choice testimony "repetitive."

Hundreds of pro-choice Texans gathered in Austin Thursday—and into Friday morning—to testify against a bill that would shut down all but five abortion clinics in the state. “Our words are not repetitive,” testified one citizen, after a GOP lawmaker cut off testimony. “Our government’s attacks on our choice, on our bodies, is repetitive.”

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Texans Prepare for ‘People’s Filibuster’ of Omnibus Abortion Bill

David Dewhurst's tweet.

A grassroots coalition of citizen activists will attempt a “people’s filibuster” of Texas’ omnibus abortion bill at a state house committee hearing Thursday afternoon.

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