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11 Pro-Choice Successes of 2013

There were a number of reasons for pro-choice allies around the country to be proud this year.

Though 2013 might have brought an array of new abortion restrictions and other setbacks for reproductive rights, there were also a number of reasons for pro-choice allies around the country to be proud this year. The staff of RH Reality Check notes some of the top pro-choice successes of 2013.

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West Virginia AG Continues Quest for Abortion Restrictions, Despite Lack of Evidence

When West Virginia’s proudly anti-choice attorney general, Patrick Morrisey (above), announced in June that he was investigating abortion regulation in his state, reproductive rights advocates were alarmed.

Given the anticipated push for anti-choice laws in the state’s 2014 legislative session, it’s worth carefully examining Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s claims about the regulation of abortion providers alongside what the evidence says—and doesn’t say—about the safety of abortion services in the Mountain State.

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West Virginia Anti-Choice Doctor’s Complaint Against Nurse-Midwife Is Dismissed

Two South Dakota bills that would have imposed severe restrictions on abortion procedures as well as penalties on abortion providers, including possible life in prison, will not move forward in the legislature.

A complaint from anti-choice advocate Dr. Byron Calhoun arguing that criminal charges should be brought against a nurse-midwife whose patient needed an emergency cesarean section has been dismissed by the state’s nursing board.

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West Virginia Attorney General Closes Public Comment Period on Clinic Regulations

A few hundred protesters showed up for a rally in the rotunda of the West Virginia Capitol building.

Pro-choice advocates fear that Patrick Morrisey is “doing the bidding” of anti-choice groups, and that he intends to try and end safe abortion access in the state. Meanwhile, a Democratic lawmaker is asking for accountability from the state’s taxpayer-supported crisis pregnancy centers.

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Pro-Choice Advocates Say West Virginia Attorney General ‘Doing the Bidding’ of Anti-Choice Group

Their true intent is to end access to safe, legal abortion all together. Now, reproductive rights supporters question whether that is Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's goal, too.

WV Free Executive Director Margaret Chapman Pomponio told the West Virginia Gazette that it is “unsettling” how in line the attorney general’s inquiry into the abortion providers is with the agenda of the anti-choice Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

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