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California Parental Notification Ballot Amendment Dies

Californians for Parental Rights/Facebook.

Another ballot initiative fails to get enough support to win a vote.

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Montana Ballot: A New Parental Notification Law Up for Vote In November

[orgnl img src]

If it passes, a girl of 16 or younger will need to have a parent talk to the doctor before an abortion.

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House Republicans Say Grandma Isn’t Good Enough When It Comes To Teen Abortions

The House Republicans are once more trying to pass a bill that would forbid teens from going to a different state to get an abortion.

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Not Wanting To Tell Parents Can No Longer Be Used As Excuse to Turn Down Judical Bypass In Pennsylvania

Justice Max Baer. [img src]

The state Supreme Court rules that a judge may have misused his authority in denying a request to bypass parental notification rules.

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Illinois Parental Notification Law Heading Back To Court

Illinois Supreme Court. [img src]

The law, which has been blocked for over 15 years, will now be heard by the state Supreme Court.

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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Restricting Abortion Access for Minors

OH Governor John Kasich. (img src)

Governor John Kasich signed a new bill that will make getting an abortion even more difficult for teens.

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Governor Of Guam Endorses Parental Consent Bill

Dennis ("Todu") Rodriguez uses an interesting spin to defend Bill #323. (img src)

Anti-abortion legislation heads for the U.S. territories.

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Alaska Parental Notification Lawsuit To Be Heard In February

The state law requiring a parent to be notified before a minor can receive an abortion will be heard on February 13th, 2012.

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Hearing on Alaska Parental Notification Lawsuit Starts Today

The state has one of the most restrictive laws for those under 18 in the nation.

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Why Parental Notification Is Complicated

A doctor explains what happened to a patient she counseled to tell her parents about having sex.

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