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Planned Parenthood Sues to Block Montana Parental Consent, Notification Laws

Beginning November 1, most teens who seek abortion in Oklahoma will not be able to do so without notifying a parent.

A lawsuit filed Thursday challenges the state’s brand new parental consent law and an older, less stringent parental notification measure.

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Oklahoma Tightens Rules on Parental Consent and Judicial Bypass at AUL’s Request

parental permission slip

Oklahoma teens are the latest target of Americans United for Life’s quest to cut off abortion access.

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Montana Legislature Moves from Parental Notification to Parental Consent


Now all minors would have to get parental permission prior to an abortion.

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Parental Notification Bill to be Heard in Washington State

Sen. Mike Padden announces the bill to cheering anti-choice activists. (Jim Camden/The Spokesman Review)

Few expect the bill to ever become law, but rejoice in just having it put up for a vote in the first place.

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Let’s Remind Election Winners: Reproductive Coercion is Wrong

We can all agree that forcing women to undergo abortions or sterilizations is wrong — but so is forcing women to gestate and give birth to children they don’t want. It’s time we considered both sides of reproductive coercion.

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ELECTION 2012: Montana Voters Approve Parental Notification for Teens Seeking Abortions

Montana girls under the age of 16 no longer have the right to privacy when it comes to pregnancy and abortion.

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Judge Rules Alaska Parental Notification Law Constitutional

photo courtesy of spotreporting via Flickr

An Alaska state court judge ruled a 2010 parental notification did not violate teenagers privacy rights or equal protection guarantees.

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Alaska Parental Notification Law Upheld by Superior Court

Judge John Suddock. Photo: MSNBC.

The 2010 parental-notification law has been ruled constitutional, but it still may come up before the state Supreme Court.

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Illinois Supreme Court to Review Parental Notification Law

Photo: PoemsbyAshwini/blogspot.

Although it’s never actually been put into effect, the courts may decide to change that.

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California Parental Notification Ballot Amendment Dies

Californians for Parental Rights/Facebook.

Another ballot initiative fails to get enough support to win a vote.

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