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Despite Legal and Physical Harassment, Group Plans to Re-Open Former Tiller Clinic in Kansas

Tiller's clinic, which was memorialized when he was murdered. (AP via CBS News)

Complaints, pickets, frivolous lawsuits, none of those can stop Trust Women from reopening the clinic closed since Dr. George Tiller’s murder.

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Indiana Accuses Planned Parenthood of Performing Illegal Second Trimester Abortion — During the First Trimester

State Sen. Mike Delph. (Alan Petersime/Star 2011 file photo)

Why shouldn’t politicians legislate medicine? For one thing, their lack of medical knowledge.

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May It Displease the Court: Corporations Use “Operation Rescue”-Style Tactics To Oppose Abortion

Anti-choice protestors in Wichita, KS in 1991. (Kim D. Johnson / The Wichita Eagle)

Physical “rescues” were meant to harass clinics out of existence. The new “civil disobedience” call of anti-choice corporations refusing to cover contraception and sterilization procedures even in the face of federal court order to the contrary is just the corporate version of this same sit-in tactic.

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Akin Repeatedly Arrested in the Eighties Blocking Clinic Access

Photo: Orlin Wagner/AP via

News archives suggest that Akin was frequently arrested protesting clinics in 1987.

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Hard Road Ahead Before New Wichita Abortion Clinic Becomes a Reality

Trust Women’s purchase of the building that housed Dr. George Tiller’s former health care facility is welcome news, but it must be viewed within the context of the on-the-ground reality that is Kansas abortion policy, politics, and history.

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Dueling Priorities Force God to Move Hurricane Away from Tampa

Pat Robertson of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the 700 Club.

Well, we knew God was going to be responsible for the storm somehow.

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Kansas Board of Health Revokes License Of Doctor For Not Forcing 10 Year Olds To Give Birth

The radically anti-choice State Board of Healing Arts has stripped Dr. Ann Neuhaus’s medical license, saying her mental health exemptions for teens and pre-teens were too lenient.

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The Anti-Choice Campaign To Take Over Medical Review Boards

photo courtesy of Seattle Municiple Archives via Flickr

The administrative review process these bodies undertake serves as important a role as the courts in providing individuals a means to enforce their rights and their decisions often carry the full weight and effect of the law. That is exactly why anti-choice advocates are trying to game the system here.

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Iowa Appointee Claims She Had “Nothing To Do” With Group She Helped Host In 2008

The Iowa Senate rejects an appointee to the Iowa Board of Medicine over Operation Rescue ties that she denies she has.

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Like a Bad Rash, Randall Terry Re-Infects Wichita With New “Campaign” Office

Like a bad rash….he’s back and opening a “campaign office” in Wichita.  It will no doubt leave Wichitans wishing for an effective ointment that will just make him disappear. 

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