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When Words Become Bullets: Elliot Rodger and the Patriarchal Id

Elliot Rodger

Rodger’s actions have a chilling rationality to them in the terms of our gendered society, which makes objects and possessions of women, and rapacious, status-conscious animals of men. Whatever else Rodger’s crimes are, they are not unintelligible; they merely wrote in blood what too many of us hear, see, and say every day.

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Discrimination, Doxxing, and That ‘Louie’ Episode: A Q&A With the Filmmakers Behind ‘Fattitude’

Fattitude looks at the ubiquity of fat prejudice through media analyses and interviews with well-known activists.

RH Reality Check recently spoke to Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman, who are crowdsourcing funds for Fattitude, their documentary about fat prejudice. The filmmakers discuss the core principles of Fattitude, the harassment they’ve experienced while making the film, and much more.

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What Happens When We Share Our Abortion Stories: Hate, Vitriol, But Also Love

No matter how anyone feels about abortion, no one deserves the abhorrent comments that are flung at women who share their stories.

Because of an article I wrote about my abortion story, people I’ve never met requested that I kill myself, get raped, die in childbirth, and be sterilized. But I also received love and support from friends and allies, and I’d love to see a whole movement emerge telling people who share their abortion stories: #YouAreLoved.

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How Anonymous Does More Harm Than Good for Sexual Assault Victims

Women don’t need to be avenged by "white knights." We need the knowledge and the legal resources to vindicate our rights ourselves.

Women don’t need to be avenged by “white knights.” We need the knowledge and the legal resources to vindicate our rights ourselves.

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‘A Panorama of Toxicity’: On Being a Trans Woman Online

A lot of #LiesToldByFemales are women claiming to adhere more closely to traditional gender roles than they actually do.

The realities of trans women’s experience with social media remind us that a discussion about “toxicity” online cannot be contained by the artificial boundaries of “Twitter feminism.” The problem is much larger than Twitter or any number of internal activist flare-ups. It encompasses the entire online world.

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