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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Restricting Abortion Access for Minors

OH Governor John Kasich. (img src)

Governor John Kasich signed a new bill that will make getting an abortion even more difficult for teens.

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Heartbeat Ban Advocates Claim All Polls Show Everyone Supports the Bill

The Ohio group that wants to ban abortion as early as four weeks post conception is putting even more pressure on the senate to put the bill up for a vote.

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Heartbeat Bill Heading for AirWaves

Janet Porter, former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life, speaks at a news conference about the bill.

The backers of a bill to ban abortion once a heartbeat can be discerned are starting a media blitz.

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Anti-Choice Infighting in Ohio Gets Uglier

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As “Right to Life” groups splinter and reform, the battle over how to get Roe V. Wade challenged the fastest is pitting anti against anti.

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Ohio Egg-As-Person Petition Rejected By Attorney General

Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine. Image Source.

DeWine calls the petition summary “not fair and truthful.”

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Heartbeat Bill Supporters, Rejected By Ohio Right to Life, Create Their Own Nonprofit

Ohio has given birth to yet another anti-choice advocacy group.

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Stalled For Legal Analysis

The controversial bill won’t be voted on until November at the earliest.

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Ohio Makes It Even More Difficult For Teens To Get Abortions

Photo: Parenting Pink

A new bill will let judges decide if minors were “coached” on how to get judicial bypass.

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South Dakota Defense Fund Doubles in Size Thanks To One Donor

Photo: The OC Register.

The legislative fund meant to pay for the state to defend anti-choice laws just got a $25,000 donation.

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Ohio Pushes For Personhood Amendment

Because, you know, a 20 week ban and a potential 6 week ban just aren’t strict enough.

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