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Children and Teddy Bears Used to Manipulate Ohio Senate on Heartbeat Ban

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Next, the supporters will tell the senate every day they don’t vote, a kitten will be drowned…

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Ohio Politician Says “Sorry About The Confusion” Over Heartbeat Bill Changes

Rep. Lynn Wachtmann. [orgnl img src]

An Ohio state Representitive takes the blame for the bill getting stalled in 2011.

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Ohio AG Approves “Personhood” Amendment Language

Ohio AG Mike DeWine. [img src]

Attorney General Mike DeWine approves the ballot language, calling it “fair and truthful.”

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Shelved Until 2012, Again

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After hearing testimony on both sides, the senate has chosen not to vote on the bill this legislative session.

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Doctor to Ohio Senate: I Do Not Want To Tell My Patients I Cannot Help Them

I strongly urge the Ohio Senate to oppose the “heartbeat bill.” Lawmakers do not belong in the consultation room with me and my patients.

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Ohio Editorial Pans “Heartbeat” Ban While Arizona Considers Their Own

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“[Y]ou don’t have to identify with either side in the anti-abortion dispute to conclude that the heartbeat bill should be defeated, because it is simply bad law.”

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“There’s Something Almost Magical About a Heartbeat”

Jack Willke waves his magic "heartbeat" wand. [orignl img src]

The Ohio “heartbeat” abortion ban has its first senate hearing.

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ACLU Will Challenge New Restrictions in Ohio

Gary Daniels. [img src]

The American Civil Liberties Union is already planning court challenges in Ohio even though the actual bills have yet to be signed into law.

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Stalemate May Be Over

Senate Republicans appear ready to consider voting on the controversial measure to ban abortion once a heart beat can be detected.

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill May Be Off Until Next Year

The senate leader says it’s “too soon” to say if they will hear it or not.

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