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A Little Child Shall Lobby Them

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Save the “babies.” Exploit the children. Pro-choice activists apparently aren’t the only ones who found the “Heartbeat” children’s crusade a little…awkward.

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Children and Teddy Bears Used to Manipulate Ohio Senate on Heartbeat Ban

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Next, the supporters will tell the senate every day they don’t vote, a kitten will be drowned…

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Ohio Politician Says “Sorry About The Confusion” Over Heartbeat Bill Changes

Rep. Lynn Wachtmann. [orgnl img src]

An Ohio state Representitive takes the blame for the bill getting stalled in 2011.

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Shelved Until 2012, Again

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After hearing testimony on both sides, the senate has chosen not to vote on the bill this legislative session.

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“There’s Something Almost Magical About a Heartbeat”

Jack Willke waves his magic "heartbeat" wand. [orignl img src]

The Ohio “heartbeat” abortion ban has its first senate hearing.

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Stalemate May Be Over

Senate Republicans appear ready to consider voting on the controversial measure to ban abortion once a heart beat can be detected.

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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill May Be Off Until Next Year

The senate leader says it’s “too soon” to say if they will hear it or not.

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Heartbeat Ban Advocates Claim All Polls Show Everyone Supports the Bill

The Ohio group that wants to ban abortion as early as four weeks post conception is putting even more pressure on the senate to put the bill up for a vote.

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Heartbeat Bill Heading for AirWaves

Janet Porter, former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life, speaks at a news conference about the bill.

The backers of a bill to ban abortion once a heartbeat can be discerned are starting a media blitz.

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Anti-Choice Infighting in Ohio Gets Uglier

Image Source.

As “Right to Life” groups splinter and reform, the battle over how to get Roe V. Wade challenged the fastest is pitting anti against anti.

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