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North Dakota Petition Drive Sponsor: State’s Only Abortion Clinic ‘Intimidated’ Potential Signatories

Conservatives asked the Roberts Court to review and reverse a federal appeals court decision that for-profit companies are not "people" with religious exercise rights.

Angry that he was unable to gather enough signatures in time, the sponsor of an amendment to put anti-choice bills up for a vote blames the only abortion provider in the state for the effort’s failure.

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Expensive ‘Medical Expert’ Testimony, Referendum Petitions: Coming Up in North Dakota?

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed suit today challenging two laws passed in North Dakota designed to end safe abortion in the state.

A look at the past shows that whatever avenue is taken, the fight for abortion rights in North Dakota will be long and expensive.

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North Dakota Governor Justifies Abortion Bills, Local Activist Tries to Get Public Vote on Bans

In a harshly worded opinion, a federal judge ruled Friday that the state’s admitting privileges law is likely unconstitutional.

The governor believes constitutional rights should be reexamined, and one activist believes they should up for public input. But should they?

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North Dakota’s One Abortion Clinic Gets Donations, Governor Gets Pat on the Back from Catholic Church

The state's only abortion clinic is getting financial support, while the governor is receiving spiritual "attaboys."

As news spreads that the most devastating abortion laws in the nation were signed in North Dakota, the state’s only abortion clinic is getting financial support, while the governor is receiving spiritual “attaboys.”

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North Dakota Governor Signs Anti-Choice Bills Into Law Less Than 24 Hours After Receiving Them

Reproductive rights advocates, led by the Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund of North Carolina, spent all day at the “veto vigil” to remind the governor of his campaign promise not to sign anti-choice restrictions into law.

Eager to move on to the court challenges that inevitably await, Gov. Dalrymple signs multiple bills that will provoke court challenges to Roe v. Wade.

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First Three Anti-Choice Bills Head to Gov. Dalrymple’s Desk as Veto Watch Begins

ND gov Dalrymple

All eyes turn to North Dakota’s governor as bills that could potentially end abortion in the state hit his desk for approval.

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Not Content With Heartbeat Ban, North Dakota Antis Push Personhood, Eliminate Sex Ed Funds (UPDATED)

sex education chalkboard

North Dakota is doubling down on the baby-making this year by sticking amendments forbidding sex-ed programs into anti-abortion bills.

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North Dakota Heartbeat Ban: Will the Governor Sign? And Does it Matter?

North Carolina Governor Jack Dalrymple

The governor of North Dakota has three days to sign a heartbeat ban into law, but that might not matter. Even among anti-choice legal experts, it’s a given that the bill won’t ever stop anyone from getting an abortion.

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Move Over, Arkansas, North Dakota Is Ready to Outdo You on Anti-Choice Extremism

North Dakota flag

Arkansas’s brief moment as the most anti-choice state in the country is about to end as North Dakota anti-choice extremists push forward on several bills.

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