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The Face of Pregnancy Discrimination

Slowly but surely pregnant workers are gaining more workplace protections, but Congress still needs to act.

“What we keep hearing in this country is a lot of ‘family values.’ What could be a truer family value than to make sure the people who want to work, who have children have gainful employment?”

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Two Legal Settlements Highlight Pervasive Problem of Pregnancy Discrimination

Welfare reform family caps punish the poor for having children. Repealing such laws sometimes creates common ground for pro-choice and "pro-life" groups.

In both the academic and the private sector, pregnancy discrimination is a drag on individual and familial success.

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Michigan High School Protects Student Athlete at Expense of Alleged Sexual Assault Victim

A lawsuit filed last week by the National Women's Law Center suggests high school administrators have a long way to go in protecting students from sexual assaults.

A lawsuit filed last week by the National Women’s Law Center suggests high school administrators have a long way to go in protecting students from sexual assaults.

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Low-Wage Workers Remain Vulnerable to Illegal Pregnancy Discrimination

“Amy Crosby’s situation is not unique, and low-wage workers are particularly at risk for this kind of discrimination” said Emily Martin, NWLC Vice President and General Counsel in an interview with RH Reality Check.

One hospital worker’s story reflects a larger truth: low-wage workers are especially vulnerable to employment discrimination.

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Trends in Union Membership Indicate Weak Job Prospects for Women


The narrative of the American worker, and by extension women’s economic status, continues to take a troubling turn in the United States, with the decline of stable public-sector positions as well as weakening labor unions.

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Legal Roundup: On Roe Anniversary Legal Attacks on Reproductive Rights Increase


The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a reminder that the battle for women’s rights is far from over.

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Living on the Edge of a Permanent Fiscal Cliff: Minimum Wage Workers See Few Gains

Photo: humanevents.com.

While the “fiscal cliff” dominated the news ad nauseum, ten states quietly increased their minimum wage, effective January 1. A whopping 59 percent of all minimum wage earners are women.

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USA Today Publishes Dueling Op-Eds on “Conscience Clauses”

Photo: ReligionLink.com.

In the battle between a right to obtain medical treatment and a right to deny that treatment because of “moral” objections, who wins?

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“Treating Your High Blood Pressure Is Against My Conscience!”

What if doctors and pharmacists got to decide which conditions they wanted to treat, just like they get to decide with reproductive health?

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Join the National Women’s Law center for a blog carnival on Birth Control on July 21!

On July 21, 2011, we’ll be hosting the “Birth Control: We’ve Got You Covered” blog carnival, featuring bloggers from across the net.  Women need access to birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies, plan the timing and size of their families and protect their health. Women know the preventive health benefits of birth control, but we also know the cost to stay on it throughout our childbearing years. Birth control can be expensive, and the high cost of birth control can affect whether women use it consistently.

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