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Women and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The Role of Public Health


It takes the work of many to ensure everyone has access to health care.

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What Is the Role of Disease Intervention Specialists in Preventing STDs?

DIS personnel conduct voluntary interviews with patients to obtain the names and contact information of their sexual partner(s) and then use that information to contact a patient’s sexual partner(s) and inform them of their potential exposure to an STD or HIV.

When our clients are vulnerable and coping with the range of emotions that accompany news of their infection, DIS offer confidence, understanding, trust, and assurance. They are the humanity of STD awareness.

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The Important Role STD Clinics Play in Preventing STDs


As STD clinics, I believe we should take President Obama’s words to heart when we consider our leadership role in STD prevention: “We are the change we have been waiting for.”

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Expedited Partner Therapy: Treating STDs and Saving Money in the Process

EPT enables health care professionals to provide patients with either antibiotics or prescriptions for antibiotics to their sexual partner(s) without a visit by the partner(s) to a health care center.

EPT simplifies the process of receiving treatment for STDs by enabling health-care professionals to provide patients with either antibiotics or prescriptions to their sexual partner(s) without a visit by the partner(s) to a health-care center.

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Encouraging Health-Care Providers, And Ourselves, to Talk About Sexual Risks

Let’s encourage our providers and ourselves to initiate a dialogue about our sexual risks.

Some providers have avoided the discussion of sexual health with their patients because they fear it will present a level of discomfort for the patient or themselves.

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Some Questions and Answers About HIV and AIDS

The World Health Organization released new guidelines for AIDS treatment around the world which come with a hefty price tag but may save millions of lives around the world and make a real dent in the HIV epidemic.

HIV Medicine Association Chair Michael Horberg, MD, MAS, recently answered several questions for RH Reality Check’s series highlighting STD Awareness Month.

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Native American Youth Work To Prevent STDs Through Peer Education

Young Native American women at The Gathering of Nations, the largest Native American Pow Wow in North America, taking place at the University of New Mexico on April 24, 2010 in Albuquerque.

As a young person from the same Native American communities as my students, I find it more and more culturally relevant that our younger generation educate each other.

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A View of a Classroom: The Role of Educators in STD Prevention

The Tulsa school board voted Tuesday to institute a pilot sex education program in eight schools this year. This is believed to be the first time the district has addressed the topic of sex during the school year.

Reducing STD rates takes education. Our youth have questions. We need to answer them.

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Protect Yourself: National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day


April 10 is National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, the first awareness day to recognize the impact of the AIDS epidemic specifically on teens and young adults.

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It’s Time to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

As we talk about the role we all play in STD prevention, let’s just state the obvious: parents are important.

As we talk about the role we all play in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, let’s state the obvious: Parents are important.

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