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Fast-Tracked Forced Ultrasound and TRAP Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly, Heads to Governor

Will election concerns have the Wisconsin governor becoming more cautious about abortion restrictions?

Despite passionate testimony against it, multiple amendments, and public protest in the state capitol building, Wisconsin’s AB 227 passed as written with a 56-39 vote Thursday evening. The legislation will now head to Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who has promised to sign.

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Wisconsin Legislators Gathering Sponsors for Forced Ultrasound Bill With TRAP Provision

Family members of a Texas teen who sued her parents in an effort to be declared an emancipated minor, alleging that the family pressured her into obtaining an abortion, now say she was manipulated by an anti-choice legal group.

Anti-choice politicians in Wisconsin are gathering sponsors for “Sonya’s Law,” an anti-choice bill named after a woman who chose to continue a pregnancy after receiving an ultrasound.

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Wisconsin Plays Catch Up With Abortion Restrictions and CPC Funding

AB 252 would require fetal remains to be handled through "burial, interment, entombment, cremation, incineration, or delivery to a medical or dental school anatomy department as an anatomical gift." But the bill's sponsor says telling patients about this process would place an "undue burden" on them.

Anti-choice lawmakers in Wisconsin, nearly done tussling over the yearly budget, are now turning their attention back to reproductive rights restrictions.

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Wisconsin Right to Life Plans for 2013 Agenda May Take Backseat to Actual Lawmaking Priorities

Wisconsin capitol building in Madison. (Sportsconcussions.org)

The group has been ready to go for months, but the legislature may be considering putting on the breaks.

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The Right To Choose May Help Choose A Governor In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin governor’s race could drastically effect all of the positive changes that have been made to address teen pregnancy, STIs, and general reproductive healthcare.

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