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As Romney and Ryan Dissemble, RNC Prepares Deeply Anti-Choice Platform Promoting Personhood

Which GOP ticket is being nominated, exactly? Is it the one compromised of two men who have done everything but lick the boots (at least not that I know of) of radical anti-choicers such as the Americans United for Life, the Family Research Council, and the Susan B. Anthony List? Or is it the kinder, gentler ticket that only wants to imprison women who terminate a pregnancy not conceived in rape?

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In 2007, Romney Touted Endorsement of Doctor Who Pushed “Legitimate Rape” Junk Science

Dr. John C. Willke Andrew Spear/The New York Times

In 2007, Mitt Romney happily embraced one of the proponents of fanciful reproductive biology and a “father” of the “legitimate rape,” uh… theory.


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Republicans Loudly Distance Themselves From Akin’s Comments

George Allen. [img src]

If you are curious who is worried about their reelections, watch who is publicly denouncing the Missouri congressman’s “legitimate rape” remarks.

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Is It Really Best for Women If Akin Withdraws? Questions About a Defining Moment

Calls are mounting for Missouri Representative Todd Akin to resign. But is it really best for women’s rights if he does so?

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Hmmm…Did Romney Check With Ryan On That Rape Exception to Abortion Thing?

Getty Images.

According to the presidential contender, his ticket supports allowing rape victims to terminate their pregnancies. Did he check with his running mate?

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Paul Ryan’s Missing Children and Mitt Romney’s Forbidden Grandchildren

Paul Ryan’s relatively small family and Mitt Romney’s quite large one reveal the reproductive minefields for Republican candidates who presumably are expected to show obedience, in their personal lives, to the party’s extremist platform.

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The Ryan Reaction: This Election Is Now About “Choice”

Rep. Paul Ryan Win McNamee / Getty Images

This election is about choice.  A big choice.

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Romney Reaches For Religion But Is He Losing His Grasp?

When all else fails, Romney’s ready to focus on religion.  But will that backfire, too?

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New Ad Says Romney Would Take Women Back To the Fifties

Advertisement: James Vaughn/Flickr.

A new ad from the Obama campaign reiterates Romney’s position against helping women access contraception.

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Romney 2005: “I’m Personally Pro-Life But I Won’t Change The Laws”

Romney's official Massachusetts governor portrait.

Having it both ways on choice has always been Romney’s style.


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