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On Meet the Press, Romney Repeats His Desire to See Roe Overturned

Photo: Huffington Post (via NBC News.)

The presidential candidate says he would like to see abortion laws returned to the state, but will that be enough to assuage anti-choice extremists?

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For or Against a Health Exception? Romney Still Doesn’t Know and No One is Asking the Right Questions

[img src]

Just how in jeopardy must a woman’s life be before Romney says an abortion is ok?

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Romney Tells Public One Thing on Abortion Exceptions and Anti-Choice Groups Another


The only thing clear about Romney’s position on abortion is that it’s different depending on the group to which he is pandering.

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Local Colorado TV News Stations Fact Check Ads Attacking Romney’s Anti-Choice Positions

Marshall Zelinger. The Denver Channel.com.

Local TV news stations in Colorado, a swing state, are fact checking many of the political ads inundating the airwaves. Two local stations in Denver were mostly right in their recent analyses of ads attacking Mitt Romney’s position on a women’s right to choose.

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Rep. Peter King Wants To Put Doctors Who Perform Abortions in Jail

IBTimes/House Committee on Homeland Security Photo.

In explaining why he opposes allowing pregnant rape victims to have abortions, the New York Congressman also said he’d be all for jailing doctors.

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Todd Akin: Remove His Mask and You’ll Find Mitt Romney

Let’s be very clear that the Republican Party Platform endorses no abortion for any woman for any reason. And that this was not just the ignorant opinion of an isolated individual. This is part of the campaign of misinformation that the far Right Wing has been waging since at least the time of Reagan. 

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Anti-Choice Groups Begin Turning from Romney

Screenshot taken from the site's homepage.

Allowing exceptions to abortion bans may be leading anti-choice activists to rethink their presidential support.

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CBS’ Pelley Lets Romney Off The Hook On Issue Of Abortions In Cases Of Rape

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley let Mitt Romney off the hook over lingering questions about his position on abortion in cases of rape.

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Dueling Priorities Force God to Move Hurricane Away from Tampa

Pat Robertson of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the 700 Club.

Well, we knew God was going to be responsible for the storm somehow.

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Romney: Abortion “Settled In the Courts”

As far as the presidential nominee is concerned, abortion is not an issue.

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