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Presidential Campaigns Protest Suggestion that Crowley Might Actually Moderate the Debate

CNN anchor and chief political correspondent Candy Crowley. Photo: Los Angeles Times.

It’s Okay for a woman to relay information, but, OMG! What if she asks a follow-up question?

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Author of Heartbeat Ban Legislation Says Vote for Romney, or Else …

Janet Porter. Photo: Michelangelo Signorile.

Janet Porter is moving beyond abortion bans and throwing her political prowess into electoral politics.

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Activist Groups May Determine the Role of Choice in the Election

A new Gallup survey has the line evenly divided between pro-choice and anti-choice voters. Will PACs put candidates on top?

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A Debate in Which Women Were Left Drinking Alone

Photo: wassermonster.com.

If you expected to be drinking every time a woman’s issue was raised during the debate, you probably ended the night sober. But… come November, we may be drowning our sorrows.

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Susan B. Anthony List Lies About Obama’s Record

Photo: Facebook.

What is more important for women in politics than starting a super PAC focused on a race between two men?

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Will the First Presidential Debate Focus on Reproductive Rights?

2008 Presidential Debate. Photo: Reuters via Politico.

Wednesday’s first presidential debate will be focused on “domestic issues.” Will reproductive health questions be a factor, or relegated to the back bench?

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Convention Bounce Not Always Guaranteed

The president’s lead over his challenger has grown after two weeks of party conventions.

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On Meet the Press, Romney Repeats His Desire to See Roe Overturned

Photo: Huffington Post (via NBC News.)

The presidential candidate says he would like to see abortion laws returned to the state, but will that be enough to assuage anti-choice extremists?

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For or Against a Health Exception? Romney Still Doesn’t Know and No One is Asking the Right Questions

[img src]

Just how in jeopardy must a woman’s life be before Romney says an abortion is ok?

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Romney Tells Public One Thing on Abortion Exceptions and Anti-Choice Groups Another


The only thing clear about Romney’s position on abortion is that it’s different depending on the group to which he is pandering.

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