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Akin Defense of Abortion Protester Disturbing in Depiction of Women as Children

Rep. Todd Akin. Photo: Sarah Conard/Reuters via Buzzfeed.com.

Frightened little girl turned violent protective mother bear? What does Akin really believe about women?

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Is Akin Leading McCaskill in Missouri Again?

McCaskill & Akin. AP Photo.

A new poll has Akin back ahead of McCaskill in the Missouri senate race.  But does who commissioned it matter at all?

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SBA List Spends Money in Missouri, But Not on Akin

Al Kresta/Blogspot.

The group offered moral support to the senate candidate, but seems to be spending their ad dollars elsewhere.

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McCaskill Has Massive Lead Over Akin in Latest Rasmussen Poll

Claire McCaskill.

The Democratic senator is up 10 points in her race with the controversial congressman.

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Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comment Latest Declaration That Women Are Liars Or Sluts

Chuck Winder, (R) Boise. Facebook.

So, does a pregnancy as a result from sexual assault mean somehow she wanted it?

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Akin: There Is No Free (School) Lunch

[img src]

There’s nothing worse than a bunch of freeloading hungry elementary school kids, right?


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New Ad on Akin Focuses on Social Security

Rep. Todd Akin

The DSCC is making a his stance on Social Security an election issue, but for Congressman Todd Akin, his social agenda may be just as alarming.

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Todd Akin Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Contraception and Abortion, But He Wants “It” Outlawed

Todd Akin. Jeff Roberson/AP.

The Republican challenging Sen. McCaskill doesn’t understand the difference between contraception and abortion, but he still knows abortion is always wrong.

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