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Another Case Raises Hopes About Early Treatment for HIV-Positive Babies

Physicians in California believe that they have cleared HIV from a 9-month-old born with the virus.

Doctors in California believe that they have cleared HIV from the blood of a nine-month-old who seems to have been born with the virus. Though they can’t call it a “cure” or even say she is in remission because she continues to take medication, her doctors believe she has “sero-reverted to HIV-negative.”

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Sexual Health Roundup: Research Adds Credibility to HIV ‘Cure,’ Warnings About Waxing, and ‘Sexcereal’

cereal and strawberries

Sexcereal: It’s what’s for breakfast. Plus more sexual health news from the past week.

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Should We Call it a ‘Cure’? The Mississippi Child Who’s No Longer HIV-Positive

HIV-infected T cell.

Do we do more harm than good when we bandy about the word “cure” in a case like this?

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Behind the HIV ‘Miracle Cure,’ a Broken System Lurks


There’s been much talk this week about the “miracle cure” of a child with HIV. But what about the unjust health-care system that failed her mother?

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