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Alabama ‘Lawyers for Fetuses’ Law Latest Sign of Creeping Fetal ‘Personhood’ Rights

A lawsuit filed by the ACLU challenges an Alabama law that appoints a lawyer to a fetus in judicial bypass proceedings.

“The fetus basically gets two lawyers to try and stop the minor from getting an abortion in a way that no other state’s law comes close to doing,” said Andrew Beck, one of the ACLU attorneys challenging the Alabama law on behalf of a Montgomery abortion clinic, arguing it is unconstitutional.

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Missouri Representative Introduces Parental Notification Bill

A Missouri bill would require the notification of both parents of a minor seeking an abortion, and provides no exception for a medical emergency or in cases of abuse, assault, incest or neglect.

The bill would require both parents or the legal guardian of a minor to be notified that the minor is seeking an abortion, with no exception for medical emergency or in cases of abuse, assault, incest, or neglect.

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Tennessee Supreme Court Rules Minor Not ‘Accomplice’ in Her Statutory Rape

scales of justice, gavel, and book

In a unanimous decision Monday, the state’s highest court brought Tennessee law in line with the vast majority of the country.

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Get Real! Accessing Abortion When You Need Funding and a Judicial Bypass

Beginning November 1, most teens who seek abortion in Oklahoma will not be able to do so without notifying a parent.

What can you do when you need an abortion, but you’re a minor in a state where you need parental permission  you probably can’t get and you don’t have money? Here are some initial steps.

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Tennessee Supreme Court Considers Whether Minor Is an Accomplice in Her Own Statutory Rape


The Tennessee Supreme Court has an opportunity to reject a dangerous legal interpretation that holds statutory rape victims can be considered accomplices in the crime committed against them. But will it?

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Alaska Ballot Initiative Targets Minors

For some girls, parental notification is not an option. Self-induced abortion is.

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A New Plan for Plan B

My first trip for a Plan B pill was a cold, dreary bus ride up Lake Shore Drive to the Planned Parenthood in downtown Chicago. I remember looking out over the frozen lake, wondering what would happen if I couldn’t get the pill that afternoon. I was 15, and not ready to deal with making the decision between pregnancy and abortion. (At 22, I can
confidently say that I’m still not.)

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