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Millennial Attitudes on Reproductive and Sexual Health Show Promise for Advocates

The findings of a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute suggest advocates have an opportunity to engage millennials—estimated to be the nation’s largest living generation—in working toward unfettered access to reproductive health information and services.

A new survey suggests that advocates have an opportunity to engage millennials in working toward unfettered access to reproductive health information and services.

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Holding Gov. McCrory to His Campaign Promise

New polling by Public Policy Polling shows that Gov. McCrory's total approval rating has dropped 26 percent in five months.

As anti-choice bills fly through the legislature, we are counting on Gov. McCrory to stand up to the anti-choice leadership in the legislature and make good on his campaign promise to not support any new restrictions on abortion access.

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Want to Know What Young People Think? Stop Talking Over Us

Hannah on the Huffington Post Live talk show. (screenshot via Huffington Post Live)

Many politicians, activists and adults alike have silenced the youth voice and relegated our involvement to the role of bystander. If the youth wishes to have a future that we would like to inhabit, we must reclaim our voices and demand that we have a say on issues that affect our lives.  

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An Open Letter to All Abortion Activists From a Young Activist


To say that Millennials are less “committed” or “present” in the fight to ensure safe and legal access to abortion for all women in America is simply false. We are out there. Because we have to be.

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Response to Nancy Keenan in Salon: Let’s Set the Record Straight on Millennials and Abortion. Again


It is time to put to rest the questioning about Millennials and whether they care about access to safe abortion care. It is time to get to work.

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ELECTION 2012: Millennials Are Bringing It. Democrats Ignore Them At Their Peril

Millennials made the difference in this election, with the largest share of voters of any other age group going to the polls. Yet while Millennials tend to be progressive and willing to work, Democrats have done a relatively poor job of engaging them for the long term. This needs to change.

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ELECTION 2012: The Power of the Youth Vote

Kathy Willens/Associated Press

Yesterday, any doubt about the power of Millennials was laid to rest. Young people voted at record levels, representing 19 percent of the total voting public – the largest percentage ever, including in the 2008 presidential election.

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When It Comes to Civic Engagement, Young People Know Better Than to Hit It and Quit It on Election Day!

Photo: Theresa Thompson/flickr via The Knight Foundation.

After months of political ads, voter registration drives, presidential debates, and the circus that is an election cycle, we’re finally approaching the big day. And although this is a new year and a new election, some things never seem to change. Erroneous claims of voter apathy. Widespread fear that young people won’t show up to the polls. The ‘knight in shining armor’ complex masqueraded as a legitimate way to engage Millennials. But don’t sweat it.

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The Key to Unlocking the Youth Vote: Why Birth Control Is a Force Multiplier in the 2012 Election

Beginning this month, for the first time in the history of this country, access to no-copay birth control will be a reality for millions of young people across the country. To underscore this moment – or fail to maximize its transformative potential – would be a grave mistake.

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STOKING FIRE: Millennials Stifled by Evangelical Doctrines

The results of a five-year study of the Millennial Generation—people born between 1982 and 1993—are in. We now know that conservative evangelical churches are losing formerly–affiliated “young creatives:” Actors, artists, biologists, designers, mathematicians, medical students, musicians, and writers. The report implies that once Millennials abandon evangelism, the barriers to progressive change can begin to crumble.

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