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Arkansas Legislature Overrides 12-Week Ban Veto—Now What?

Now that the most restrictive abortion ban in the country is about to become law, what happens next?

The question now is whether the ban will go into effect in June, or if it is enjoined while the legal challenges occur.

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Gov. Beebe Vetoes Unconstitutional Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Will Legislature Override Again?

Governor Mike Beebe.

The governor has used the same argument to veto the even more restrictive 12-week ban. Will the legislature override him anyway?

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Arkansas Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of 20-Week Abortion Ban, Passes Heartbeat Ban


The GOP is highly concerned about fiscal responsibility, unless the money is being wasted defending unconstitutional abortion bans.

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Arkansas Governor Vetoes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.

The governor will veto a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.

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Modified Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Heads to Senate, Then Governor

Ohio's new heartbeat bill, which could make abortion illegal as early as six weeks from the pregnant person's last menstrual period, will be introduced at a Thursday afternoon press conference.

A likely 12 week abortion ban has almost cleared every hoop in Arkansas.

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Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Likely to Pass, Even Without Governor’s Support

Senator Jason Rapert.

Rapert knows his heartbeat ban is constitutionally sound. He just can’t tell you who told him so.

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