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Mexico’s Supreme Court Strikes Same-Sex Marriage Ban

photo courtesy of Guillaume Paumier via Flickr

The Supreme Court in Mexico takes a giant step forward in the name of equality.

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Missed Your Period? Don’t Want to be Pregnant? There is an App for That

Via www.ipas.org

An inventive, interactive game guides Spanish-speaking users through the process of a medical abortion.

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An Unmet Need for the World’s Women: Safe Second-Trimester Abortion

If you work in reproductive health or public health you often hear people talking about the “unmet need for contraception” in a certain country or region. But here’s an unmet need that never gets discussed outside of small circles: second-trimester abortion.

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September 28th: Day for Decriminalization of Abortion in Latin America


The legality of abortion in Latin America varies from country to country. The one constant almost everywhere is the inaccessibilty of a safe, legal procedure.

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Global Roundup: Saudi Arabia Plans Women-Only Cities; Philippines RH Bill Continues to Languish

Weekly global roundup: Will Saudi Arabia’s plan to construct a women-only industrial city opens new doors for women? Philippines’ RH Bill still hanging in the balance as the Catholic Church grows restless; Texans seek abortion pills in Mexico; Rare justice for 13-year-old Afghan torture survivor.

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Overcoming Barriers to Care in Mexico

When I was growing up in California, I often felt disconnected from my extended family in Mexico. Once I became a teenager, however, I realized our experiences weren’t as different as I’d assumed in my youth, especially when it came to accessing sexual and reproductive health care.

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A Mexican NGO Meets the Community Where It’s At

The current sexual and reproductive health landscape in Mexico is one of both progress and challenges. It is one of divisions between rich and poor, between urban and rural populations, and between younger and older generations.

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The MARIA Fund: Supporting Women’s Access to Abortion in Mexico

Five years after Mexico City decriminalized first-trimester abortion, the MARIA Fund helps women from other parts of Mexico to access safe abortion care. You can help them.

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An Illegal Abortion in Mexico Changed My Life

“Do you have a problem with blood?”

“No,” I lied.

“Great, I have a woman coming tomorrow at 10 am.”

That simple exchange left me a changed woman.

I was 22 years old and traveling alone in Mexico. I came to stay with a French-Canadian documentary filmmaker and his Mexican doctor wife, whom I’d met at a speaking event they held several months earlier at my university. We’ll call the doctor ‘Cepoori’.

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Mexico’s First Female President? This One Won’t Be Good For Women

Coverage of Josefina Vazquez Mota’s presidential campaign in Mexico has focused largely on the simple fact that she’s a woman. Her politics are much more relevant to her candidacy than her gender, and though her election as Mexico’s first female president is historic in itself, her politics are actually harmful to women.

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